Happy birthday dear Phil, Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, Phil. We hope this finds you and Kyle ready for a big celebration. Your insightful comments are a very important part of UnrulyDude and we always appreciate them. Happy birthday, dude… we love you!

Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

URD has no better friend than our buddy, “Bill” (aka “bw”). Bill, you’re our ship’s rudder – the guy whose comments enlighten us, entertain us and keep us honest. We hope your birthday is your best ever… filled with good health, pretty boys, great friends and every happiness. We’ve been secretly hoping you you’d find a new “furry friend” for your birthday… but with or without a four-legged companion, we hope your day is blessed and joy-filled. xoxo David, Ben, and the gang.

Asian persuasion!

The Asian dude in Phil’s birthday post seems to have generated some interest, so we thought maybe it was time for another Asian post. We’re guessing “bw” may find something of interest here 🙂