Breed it, dude!

Commenting on Beto’s action pics, Kent said: “Thank you, Beto, for such a hot post! My favorite is #46, where the bottom just got bred and he’s showing a creampie! Breeding pix (and results as bred) are my favorite kind of pix. It would be great to see an entire post of dripping holes and creampies.”
We checked, and the last (and only) “breeding” post we’ve had on UnrulyDude was back on August 21st of 2016. Since it’s been almost 6 years it’s definitely time for another. Thanks for the suggestion, Kent. Hope these dripping holes are just what you had in mind 🙂

Dude. You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

-We were so very happy to hear from our friend Larry on Bill’s birthday post. It’d been a long time and we were worried. Larry – we love you and are glad to hear you’re going strong!
-We’ve been watching the January 6th hearings at school. The kids seem totally fascinated by them. I told “Dr. C” we were going to watch them and that there was a possibility some parents might object. He said “If they object to any of our curriculum they’re free to move their children to a school more consistent with their beliefs.” That’s why I could never teach in a public school.
-The weather is wonderful this weekend and we’re enjoying Saturday and Sunday on the lake. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been spending every available minute working on the “Hawks nest” and we can all use a break. Alex says were ahead of schedule and, besides, he has a contractor coming to work on a surprise for all of us. We have no idea what the surprise is but I’m guessing we’ll find out on the 4th! xoxo Ben and David

Dude. Double your pleasure!

Double your pleasure
Double your fun
with double good
double butt
double butt YUM!

And it isn’t even Tim’s or Bill’s birthday 🙂