Last September, our friend “Bill S” asked for a post of “brats.” So I posted some bratty little dudes for him. Then, last week when I was working on an “Attitude” post, I noticed how many of the guys with attitude looked like brats. So here you go, guys, BRATTITUDE!

Bad Ass Bitches got a attitude!

Had a comment yesterday from our friend “hnghry,” saying: “Hey again. Just had an idea about a new post. What about some bad ass types with attitude :)”
Then, “Jingle” commented: “bad ass types with attitude” – Oh… Hell… Yes!!!!! GREAT idea hnghry!! Oh, Buff & Ben, PLEASE give this some thought!! :)”
So… by popular request…
Actually, this was a really easy post because I always have an “attitude” folder full of pics. Tomorrow, I’m gonna do a “Brattitude” post. You know… twinkly little brats with attitude.

Brat pack!

Had a comment the other day from our buddy, “Bill S” saying:
“It gave me an idea. How about a post of BRATS — You know the kind of boys who really could use a FIRM HAND….that you’d like to PUT OVER YOUR KNEE.”
Well, Bill. Great idea. It’s a post I’ve never done… and these boys definitely look like a “FIRM HAND” would do wonders for ’em.
Thanks for the suggestion!