Dude. Thank you!

In response to our “shaved” post, Fred commented: “There you go. Tease us about a Big Bear Bash at the house, and give us a great Post with very little Body Hair. I would imagine that another, furrier Post is forthcoming.”
You guys know us well.
In any case, David and I (and our friends here at Table Rock) appreciate a dude who has the good taste and courage to leave his body hair tha fuck alone! Honestly, though, we love looking at neckid bodies with or without hair 🙂

When I decided to do this post, I naturally thought of our friend Beto who, as you know, is the expert on all things hirsute. I e-mailed him and asked if he had any pics he’d like to contribute to a “hairy dude post.” He immediately sent us a TON of wonderful pics and we’ve included about half of them here. I’ve put the rest in various folders to be used in future posts. THANK YOU, BETO. You’re da BEST!

His name is “Mauro,” and he’s a perfect example of the rare “purple-spotted unicorn”!

We’ve done lots of “series” posts here on URD, but never before one with 68 pics.
I thought about eliminating some… but couldn’t. This dude’s name is “Mauro” and I think he’s absolutely breathtaking. I just found him on the internet and know nothing about him. Based on how proud he is of his fuzzy little poop chute, I’m guessing he’s not necessarily straight?
“Mauro” is a “Portuguese and Southern-Italian form of the Latin name Maurus,” which means “Moor” or “dark skinned”. We’re hoping maybe Beto or Bill or one of you guys can give us more information.
In the mean-time, enjoy. He reminds me of Ben when we first met – and he’s a stunning little fucker 🙂

Boyz au naturale!

This wasn’t even remotely the post we’d planned to do today… but we had a comment from “Alex”, saying:
“Oh please, I’d love to see another post with young, uncut, bushy guys (not even trimmed, but completely hairy dicks) ?”
As we said, it wasn’t the post we’d planned to do… but how could we not do the post Alex asked for?
Here you go, babe… Bunch of young, uncut, bushy guys. Hope they do it for you. Frankly, they look pretty much “lip-smackin’ good” to us 🙂