Autumn’s in the air!

Alex called Friday afternoon…wanting to know if we were busy Friday evening. I told him I’d check with David, but as far as I knew, we didn’t have any plans. I asked him if he wanted to come over for dinner. He said, “No. Not for dinner. I’d just like to meet Dub and maybe help him carve a pumpkin. If it’s not a good time, that’s o.k. I just thought… I’d like to meet him… and, with Halloween coming, maybe he’d like to make a jack-o-lantern.” When I got home, I checked with David and Dub and then called Alex. He said he’d be over about seven. I told Dub Alex was bringing a pumpkin and wanted to help him carve it. He thought that sounded like fun and was real excited. Alex showed up at seven with a beautiful, big pumpkin, an assortment of knives, a candle and pictures of jack-o-lanterns. After meeting Dub and getting the tour of his room and plants, they took the pumpkin to the garage and got to work. Alex was wonderful. He helped Dub draw a face on the pumpkin and was patient and encouraging as he helped him clean it out, carve the face, and place a candle inside. Then, they took it to the front porch, lit the candle and we all went to the front yard to admire their handiwork while the dogs barked at the spooky thing. Afterward, we had some hot, spiced cider and talked with Alex for a long while. By the end of the evening, Dub was calling him “Unca Alex” – a term usually reserved only for Rick and Keon. The evening was a treat for Dub… and our friendship with Alex is definitely growing 🙂