Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” check on the Fore and Aft !

Hey, all. It’s Cal. I sent a text to all the Northland gang and asked if any of them had a post ready-to-go that I could tag on to. Rick responded immediately, saying: “I have a “Fore and Aft” post ready if that’d work. I said “Sounds perfect,” so here you have it.
I want to give you a report on our (long) weekend at the Lake and Chance’s birthday. We all went down to the cabins on Friday so we’d be there for the big celebration. Dub, Chance, Austin and Tra all rode down with David and Ben – and they stopped in Springfield to pick up birthday pizzas at Pizza House. When they got to the Lake, Chance came running over to our cabin yelling “Dad, look! Dad look!” He was smiling from ear-to-ear wearing a “Pizza House” hoodie they’d given him for his birthday. The kids all wear hoodies all the time and apparently being the only one with a “Pizza House hoodie” makes him the coolest little dude ever!
The entire Northland gang plus the grands, Jim and Carol, Mr. Martinez and Roberta were there. We had presents, pizza, salads, crank ice-cream and a huge cake Carol had made. It was a wonderful party and later that evening when Bella, Chance, Cookie, Alex and I were in bed reading, Chance said “That was really cool. My first birthday ever.” Alex said, “Well, Chance, actually it was your seventh birthday… you’re seven now and you have a birthday every year.” He frowned and said “Nuh Uh. Never had one before.” We all shared a group hug and Alex said “Maybe it was your first, but we promise you’ll never miss one again.”
We spent the weekend, boating and fishing and just hanging out and having a good time with family, pups and friends.
Since Monday was our second anniversary, Alex and I decided to stay on at the Lake to celebrate. Sunday afternoon, Bella went home with her grandparents – and Chance went to spend a few days with Dub. Friday evening while the kids were off playing, Alex told everyone we’d be staying on a few days to celebrate and mentioned we planned to spend them partying naked. Jim gave us some quality smoke to make it an even more fun occasion… and Carol laughed and told us not to be surprised if we noticed a horny old lady peeking in the window from time-to time 🙂 It was wonderful spending a few quality ALONE NEKID days with my hubby. We’ve had a lot going on and it was the break we both needed!
Alex and I appreciate the anniversary wishes from you guys. Denny, we don’t know how you can possibly remember all that stuff. Thank you!
We have a medical appointment to discuss possible cochlear implants for Chance on Wednesday, November 6th. We’ll for sure keep you posted on that!
xoxo Cal and Alex

Dude. “Heads – or – Tails”?

Hey, guys. It’s Ben. One of my favorite posts ever on URD was done by Rick and Keon back on August 15, 2018. They called it “ A Friends Friday” check of the “fore and aft.” and I thought it was great. So… a long time ago, I began saving pics for a similar post. This is the result. I also got a huge “kick” out of our buddy Tim’s comment on Rick and Keon’s post, and a lot of the “TAGS” here were suggested by him. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do.
On a separate subject, I want to thank you for your comments on the birthday post David did for me on July 4th. I’ve thanked each commenter on that post… but I realize you’d have to go back there to see my “individual thanks.” It was a wonderful birthday and you guys are awesome. THANK YOU!

We’re back from a fun – and productive – week at the Lake. We love being down there but it’s also good to be home. I’m pretty sure Keon and Rick will want to give you details on their “new” cabin, so I’ll just say it’s awesome… and we had it finished by the time the kids and grands arrived on the morning of the 4th. As “Chad” said, “It’s amazing what a bunch of gay boys can do once they set their minds to it.”
A couple of things about our week:
-First, there was the matter of the fireworks and the dogs. It seemed like everyone at Table Rock was having a contest to see who could make the most noise, and the dogs hated it. Realizing how bad it was going to be, Dub decided to take the dogs to our storm shelter. It’s built back into the side a hill and honestly, from the back of it, you couldn’t hear a single “boom” or “pop.” The dogs were happy in there but they missed being around their people, so Dub, Tra, Austin, Bella and Kylie spent a lot of the weekend in “the cave” with them. The boys even decided to spend Thursday night there. It’s equipped with cots, blankets, battery-powered lights, bottled water, etc., so it wasn’t like they were really “roughing it.” Austin, in particular loved the idea. He said they could pretend there was a war going on outside – and that’s kind of what it sounded like. Bella and Kylie wanted no part of spending the night in “the cave,” but the boys thought it was great fun.
-We all got a big surprise after dinner Thursday evening when Cal told us Bella had some news. She said, “I might be getting a new “brother.” He may not be my “forever brother,” but we hope he’s gonna come live with us – and my Dads say maybe we can adopt him some day.” That little shocker took some explanation by Cal and Alex. It seems that Keon, Rick and their attorney helped them apply and complete the “Specialized Training” that’s required by the Missouri Dept. of Social Services. They were approved as foster parents about a month ago but hadn’t told anyone except Keon, Rick (and, of course Scott and Denise). They hadn’t even told Bella until Thursday. It’s a long story but I’ll keep it short. Last week they got a call from Social Services and they have this six-year old boy who needs a foster home. His name is “Chance” and Cal and Alex have already met him (they showed us his picture). The problem is he has “Profound hearing loss,” and Social Services would prefer to place him with foster parents who are deaf and/or proficient in sign language. Social Services doesn’t have that kind of foster parents available, so it looks like Cal and Alex may be his new foster parents. They’ll find out sometime next week. I’m sure they’ll let you know what’s happening. We’re all really excited for them and keeping our fingers crossed!
-It was a grand week at the Lake, complete with all the Northland gang, the Grandparents and Jim and Carol. There was boating, skiing, wake boarding, lots of good food, drinks and even some smoke. I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re back down there partying and enjoying the summer! xoxo Ben and David

It’s a “Friends Friday” check of the “fore and aft.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick and Keon. Last Sunday, our friend “Jingle” commented on our “boi butts” post, saying: “Oh, how lovely!! 🙂 Nice collection… With the promise of other delights when they turn around!! 🙂(Hey, there’s an idea for a future post: Pairs of pics of dudes Fore and Aft!!)”
We thought it was a WONDERFUL idea. We started by looking up the definition for “Fore and Aft” and found that it’s “nautical in origin, referring to the bow (located at the front) and the stern (located at the back) of a ship.” Which got us thinking about “fore and aft,” and “front and rear,” and “stem and stern,” and “dick and ass,” and “junk and butt.” So, we put these pics together thinking that both views are lovely. Hope you have as much fun looking at these as we did putting them together 🙂

We want to share something about Travon. We’d been planning to enroll him in “public school,” but Ben said, “Maybe you shouldn’t do that. Maybe he should be in school with Dub.” We talked about it and told him we didn’t know if Travon would qualify for a “talented and gifted school” and, even if he did, we knew there was no way we could afford it. He said “Let me work on it.”
So, long story short, Ben got Travon tested… and then he (Ben) talked with “Dr. C” and they came up with some grant and scholarship money. We asked Ben about Travon’s IQ and he said “It’s against school policy to give out information about IQ scores – even to parents. Let’s just say Travon qualifies for our school.” So, Ben and Dub have been picking Travon up every morning and taking him to school with them. We’ve never seen him more excited.
As for Ben – and David – there is no way we could ever express how much their friendship and love and support mean to us. There really is JUST NO WAY! xoxo Rick and Keon