… “Back” to the future…

Yesterday, Jingle commented, saying:
“Soo… I’ve been thinking about this for several days!! Over time, you’ve wonderfully given us posts dedicated to various specific body parts!! Cocks, balls, asses, nipples, hands, feet, eyes, ears even!! But how about this one – Backs (and shoulders)!! Muscular, tattooed, hairy… whatever!! I don’t think you’ve ever done it!! Would you consider it?!?! 🙂”
You’ve got to be kidding, babe. Would we consider it? Is a pig Pork?
Is the Pope Catholic? Does Howdy Doody have wooden balls? Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course we’d consider it. How could we not?
Here you go. Back-to-back-to-back… like the basketball Jayhawks’ Big 12 Championships!
Thanks for yet one more excellent idea. Love you like a brother!

We’re closing on the loan to buy the cabin at 10:00 tomorrow morning… then, Ben, Dub, the dogs and I are headed to the Lake. We’ll spend tomorrow night… just the five of us at the cabin – then, the grandparents and Coco are joining us on Friday. Dub is excited about showing the dogs around the cabin… and introducing the grandparents to Jim and Carol. We’ll be heading back on Saturday so we’ll have time to plan for the big “Eclipse Party” on our driveway out front on Monday. It’ll be good to finally “OWN” our own cabin on the Lake!