Dude. Time for a background check!

Well. This hasn’t been the best 24-hours we can remember… with the Chiefs’ embarrassing loss to the Bills last night – and Matt Amodio’s loss on Jeopardy today.
The Chiefs have obviously forgotten how to tackle (among many glaring problems), and Matt seemed tired and ready to end his streak at 38 wins.
Oh, well. 🙂

Dude. Time for some boi butt backgrounds!

Yesterday our buddy “BillS” commented: “Pic #9 here really shows more of the background than the one in the Big…Boy-Bones post. That ceiling is amazing! (-; Does this mean there will be a “Background” post forthcoming? Just asking!”
The thing is… we’d been thinking about doing a “boi butts” post – then, when we saw Bill’s comment, we thought maybe we’d turn it into a “boi butts backgrounds” post. So, here you have it. Some pretty yummy dudes here 🙂

This afternoon after Dub and I got home from school, the FedEX truck pulled up out front and the guy brought Dub a “Priority Overnight” package. He opened it and found five red jerseys with the Chiefs logo on the fronts and “Mahomes” on the backs. He put on one of them… flashed an ear-to-ear smile… and said “We’ve gotta take these other ones to the guys.” So, of course, we did. One each for Austin, Bella, Chance and Travon. There wasn’t an address or note or anything to tell us who had sent them. I said “I’m guessing they’re from the grands.” Dub said, “Don’t think so.” So, I said “If not your grandparents, who do you think sent them?” He grinned… then opened his phone and made a call. Here’s what I heard:
“Unca Chad. It’s Dub. You coming over for Red Friday?
“Thank you for sending us Chiefs shirts.”
“Yeah. I’m pretty sure you did.”
“Thank you. Dad and I just took Austin and Tra and Chance and Izzy theirs. They think they’re really cool.”
“Yeah. They fit great. See you Friday afternoon. Love you.”
After he ended the call, I said “How did you know they were from your Unca Chad and Raef?”
He shrugged, and said. “Dunnow. Just knew.”
Of course he did 🙂

Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” look at “Boi butts and their backgrounds.”

Hey, guys, it’s Rick. We’ve been going like crazy around here getting ready for the Holidays. We had a great Thanksgiving over at Scott and Denise’ condo. Tra said he wished he could have had his head bandaged like Chance and Dub 🙂 This year (weather permitting) we’re all going to head to Table Rock for Christmas. Alex and Cal’s cabin has the largest “open living area” so we’ll gather there for the big celebration. Alex says he and Cal been down there twice working on Holiday decorations. Knowing Alex, I’m sure they’ll be spectacular!
The kids don’t know about it, but Jim found a guy who has outlined the roofs of all the cabins with Holiday lights. We’ll have two trees in each cabin… one for the adults to decorate – and one for the kids. We’ll get the information to Santa so he’ll know where to find the kids in time for Christmas morning.

Last week, Kent commented on our recent “Sox” post, saying: “This is a nice post – for not only sox, but cute butts. #46 reminds of that saying “Boys with a cute butt make the world a better place.” I’ve looked all over the web trying to find the quote – but haven’t found it. I thought seeing some “cute butts” in the great out-of-doors might warm everyone up a bit. I’m betting these will work for ray, for sure! xoxo Rick and Keon