“Josh likes money”

The dude in pics #18 and #35 in yesterday’s post caused quite a stir so we thought we’d share our entire set of pics of him. There are 3 new pics here, including one of him and his boyfriend. We’ve also included a cropped pic that shows the “onlyfans” site where the pics were posted. We’ve tried, but haven’t been able to access the link. Thought you guys might enjoy this little pic bonus 🙂

Dude. Check out this bunch of “home bodies”!

…be it ever so humble…

Hey, guys. It’s Silas. I thought I’d bring you up-to-date on our “Rainbow aerie.” It’s coming along really well. The site has been cleared – and the well and septic system are finished. Our engineers and architects have been up there almost every day and Nathan has the foundation almost completed. Dante, Daisy and I have been there every day just watching and trying to keep out of the way. Keon and Rick have been taking Travon up to take video footage daily. We think it’ll be awesome to have the whole construction project on video – to view in our “old age.”
We’re also excited that work will begin on the “hawks nest” in a little over a week. I’m sure with Alex in charge, it’ll be wonderful. We’re looking forward to spending lots of time on the lake with the kids this summer. Dante and I can’t wait to have some “wee ones” of our own, but that’ll have to wait until after the “aerie” is finished and we’re more settled.
We hope you guys are having nice weather and getting to be in the great out of doors. Cheers. Silas and Dante

Dude. Check out these butt naked boi butt backgrounds!

On January 17th, our friend Beto commented with several “butt naked” post suggestions, including “butt-naked boys backgrounds” He e-mailed us some pics to get us started. Several of the photos he sent were of “boi butts with scenic backgrounds – and that got us thinking about how long it’s been since we’ve done a “boi butts” post. So, here you have “butt naked boi butt backgrounds.” Hope you think these are as lovely as we do 🙂 (Thanks for your help, Beto!)

Well, our buddy Bill (bw) warned us that we were in for some severe winter weather and boy, was he right! We’ve had ice and snow and tonight’s forecast is for another two inches of snow. The kids love it, of course and we’ve even had a couple of “snow day school cancellations.” Our “severe” winter weather is nothing compared to what Denny, Dave and some of the rest of you in the frozen North are confronted with, but it’s kind of a big deal to us. You guys stay in and stay warm. It’ll be Spring before we know it!