Check it out, dude. Backpackers!

This has been “tax-free weekend” here in Missouri. It’s a three-day opportunity to buy school supplies, clothes and computer equipment with no sales tax. Dub has been wanting to get a backpack, and he needed some new clothes for school, so we decided to go shopping. First it was just David, Dub and me – then, somehow Austin and Erik got included and Ty wanted to go, so the six of us set out. Apparently the boys had been talking about backpacks and they all wanted the same kind. We looked pretty much everywhere – and finally found the Under armour ones they wanted at Dick’s Sporting goods. Austin got a black one… Erik got blue… and… you guessed it… Dub got green. They were so excited about the backpacks that they thought buying clothes was boring, but we still got them some new jeans and tops. Who knew backpacks were such a BIG deal?

I guess I probably should clarify the thing I have about being in debt. It goes back to my Dad who never went in debt for anything except our house. It was because a close friend of his (and his wife) went a little crazy buying stuff and, when he lost his job, they had to declare bankruptcy. Dad always stressed to me the importance of being financially responsible. Anyway, David and I are a two-income family now… we didn’t sell the bikes… and now have a cabin and boat on Table Rock. We’re fortunate that we don’t owe anything on our house – own the business outright – and have some stocks and savings, so David has convinced me we’re good. We bought the boat at a super good price and I’m thinking the cabin will increase in value over time, so I’m finally feeling fine about the whole thing. You guys have been great, and I appreciate your input. It just took me a while to come around 🙂