Oh, yeah. Bald is beautiful!

Hi, guys. It’s Silas. Jingle commented on our “Blonde to the bone” post, saying: “OUTSTANDING!! Oh, and may I second Friend Fred’s suggestion of Redheads?!?! Then perhaps Bald… Just sayin’…”
Since we’ve now posted buzz cuts, dark hair, blondes and redheads, it’s for sure time for some skinheads.
Here in our little Ozark community, David and Keon are beautifully bald… and Dante, Raef and Callum are currently buzzed. Dub, Chance, Austin and Matty are also buzzed with Travon being our lone male young-un with long hair. It fits his artistic image 🙂
Of course, hair styles and colors are interesting, but honestly, when I’m looking at guys my interest runs to dicks, balls, pits, pubes, butts, eyes and smiles. But that’s just me. Hope you find these bald boys as HOT as I do! Love ya. Silas and Dante

Dude. Check out these butt naked bald bois!

Yesterday, Jingle commented: “What’s next in the Butt/Buck Naked series?!?!… Bald, perhaps?? 🙂”
Then, Beto said “That would be lots of fun!”
So here you have it, guys. Dudes who don’t need hair (on their heads) to be HOT. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything sexier that rubbing my hubby’s bald head while he’s bangin’ me (or I’m pounding him)!

Tomorrow is our last day of school until after the Christmas break. The spring semester promises to be fun – and challenging – with new students and Silas as a new teacher.
I am SO HAPPY we’re a private school and don’t have to put up with the political bullshit the public school teachers and administers are barraged with. Right now, Missouri’s Attorney General (a flaming asshole who’s running for U.S. Senate with Trump’s blessing) is busy filing lawsuits against public schools in an attempt to end all school mask mandates. Worse, he’s actually suing to keep them from quarantining Covid-positive kiddos… and forcing their return to the classrooms.
Of course, he’s radically anti-abortion (sanctity of life, you know). Apparently he either hasn’t heard about the 802,000 people dead from Covid in the U.S. – or he’s just an ambitious idiot who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.
Hey, bw, I guess we all need to rant a bit from time to time 🙂

Dude. Balding… or buzzed… It’s all good!

With Denny and Dave in the midst of a huge snowstorm, we thought a post of some “follicle challenged” dudes might warm things up a bit. Seriously guys, we’re thinking of you and hoping everything works out well. We had a similar snow storm one time when we lived in the KC Northland and it was awful! On the other hand, I’m guessing our kids would think a foot or two of snow would be awesome!!

When we decided to move to the Lake, there were a few things we didn’t plan for. One of them was haircuts. We all felt leaving our little pandemic compound was out of the question, but after a while most of us were beginning to look pretty shabby. Alex said it wasn’t a problem… he knew how to style hair (he’d been doing Bella’s hair all along). So, he started cutting our hair and that was fine – except he was “up to his neck” in Koala Cove and time became a problem. I asked him if he could teach me to cut hair and he said “Of course.” So he showed me the basics and I started practicing on Ben. The first few times were a challenge… and Ben’s hair was a bit notched and lop-sided at times but he was a good sport and his hair grows so fast it wasn’t a big deal. Anyway, long story short, now Alex, Rick and I are all reasonably competent “barbers” and haircuts are no longer a problem.
Both Keon and I have been using clippers on a “0” setting for a while, so we’re essentially bald and can “buzz” our own heads. Last week Cal came over for a haircut and told me he’d like his hair cut “exactly like yours and Keon’s.” I asked him if he’d cleared that with Alex and he said “No. It’s a surprise.” So, somewhat against my better judgement, I got out the clippers, set them on “0” and did it. Honestly, he looks GREAT – and Alex says he “loves rubbing Cal’s bald head while he’s getting fucked.”
Dub told me he likes that we’re hairless on top and asked if I would buzz his head like ours. I told him I’d be happy to do that for him – when he’s sixteen 🙂