It’s a “Friends Friday” look at some hot, follically-challenged dudes!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Sorry we missed last weeks’ post. We’ve been insanely busy with school, work and being foster parents. Maybe things will slow down a bit in a couple of months when I finally get my Masters degree. As you know, we’ve been posting pics that represent the diversity of our group of KC Northland friends. We’ve posted black dudes (like Keon), Hairy dudes (like Ben), Redheads (like me) and Latin boys (like Alex). This week, I thought we’d post some guys who don’t have much (if any) hair up top (like David).
David is our very special friend who kind of started the whole Northland gang thing when he met Ben and they became a couple. Ben says David used to worry a lot about his thinning hair.. then, no-shave Movember came along and he grew a beard and Ben convinced him to let him “buzz” his head. He’s been doing that for a while now and, honestly, he’s just about the HOTTEST guy you could imagine. Ben says he spends maybe 5 minutes buzzing David’s head every Saturday morning before they shower and they’re saving the money David used to spend on haircuts for a vacation some day. Seriously, it’s a great look – for an awesome friend!

Pam called Wednesday to tell us “some dude with the State social services department” had come by to talk with Travon. She said she made a phone call to make sure he was legit – then let him and Travon talk. Then, yesterday, he (an “assistant director of the department”) called to see if there was “a convenient time for him to drop by and talk with Keon, Travon and me.” Long story short, he came by late yesterday afternoon – checked out our house and Travon’s room – and we talked. He congratulated us for “accomplished amazing things with Travon.” He said when he went to Pam’s day-care, Travon had actually talked with him and told him about going fishing with his Dad, Dub and Unca Chad. He said he and Dub caught some HUGE fish and Unca Chad cleaned ’em… and they brought ’em home and his other dad cooked ’em. The State guy was totally blown-away. He said Travon’s former foster parents had applied for supplemental funding because he was “deaf and dumb.” He said they’ve since been removed from the list of approved foster parents.
Anyway, the visit went well, and Keon, Travon and I have become a close little family. Sometimes Travon gets moody and doesn’t want to talk to us – but his “moods” never last long. He for sure loves crawling up in bed with us and having us read to him every night – and now he says “love you,” when we put him and Muff to bed (we think that may have been Dub’s idea?). As you may have guessed, Keon and I are absolutely crazy about this little dude!

Dude. Hair is over-rated!

I walked into the bathroom one day last week and saw David examining his hair in the mirror. I said, “What’s up, babe?” He said, “At the rate I’m losing hair, you may have a bald husband before long.” I grinned and said, “Cool! That’ll make you even sexier.” He said, “I’m not so sure about that.” I said, “I think you’d look sensational bald.” He said, “I don’t know how I feel about that. I kind of like my hair.” I said, “Babe, I love you with or without hair on your head. I do, however seriously love the hair on your ass.” So, I bent him over and started demonstrating with my tongue. I think that pretty much put things in their proper perspective 🙂

No doubt about it. Bald is beautiful!

Responding to Ben’s “Birthday blues” post on March 14th, our Chairman, Beto commented: “Perhaps the most artistic pic here is #36, and I’m sure on his second look Jingle will share my enthusiasm for that stud. By the way, I think a new version of the bald theme would be good sometime.”
I checked back, and our only “Bald” post was a little over a year ago, so it’s definitely time for another. Thanks for reminding us that bald is beautiful, Beto!

Alex was here this afternoon… doing “garden stuff” with Dub. When they finished, they came in for cookies and ginger ale, and after that, Dub went to his room to call pop-pop. Ben, Alex and I were sitting in the kitchen talking and Alex said, “Spence wants to get together tomorrow evening. I told him I’d ask if we could use your hot tub.” I said, “Of course. Would you like us to be “away for the evening?” He said, “No. I’d like you to be here so we can all hear what he has to say. If you wouldn’t mind.” So, I guess we’ll have dinner and some wine and maybe smoke a joint (after Dub has gone to bed) and assemble in the hot tub. There’s been a lot of tension between Alex and Spence lately. I’m thinking a relaxing evening in the hot tub might be just what the doctor ordered 🙂