Look, dude. Bandana Boys!

Had a comment from our buddy “Bill S.” the other day, saying: “Some guys can pull off the look in caps SO WELL!!! Like#32 (to me). It makes me think of some hot posts by our friend FFB — Guys who are SO HOT wearing bandanas! There’s just some something about a hot guy in a bandana.
So Buff, You wanna give it a go? (-;”
You know, Bill… I agree… but, for some reason, I’ve never done a post of guys in bandanas. I looked through all my posted files… and nope… no bandanas posts. So here you go, babe. Hope these boys do it for you. Note that I didn’t include pics of bandanas used as gags or blindfolds. Didn’t think that was what you had in mind. THANK YOU for the idea!!