Buzzcuts and Otters and Bears, Oh, My!

Last Wednesday “Beto” commented, saying:
“David & Ben, as you’re welcoming suggestions with combined themes, what do you think of a post featuring 24 otters and 24 bears, all of them with buzzed hair? I have a feeling some mates will appreciate the idea… 😉”
We loved the idea… but the “buzzed hair” part proved to be a challenge. There are some HOT guys here – and we’ve done the best we can with the “buzzed hair” part. Thanks for a fun request, babe!

David, Dub and I watched the President’s “State of the Union” address Tuesday night. We just watched… and none of us said anything while he was speaking. When it was over, David asked Dub what he thought. Dub frowned, and said “He told a lot of lies.” I said “How do you know he was telling lies?” Dub said “I always know when someones lying. I can just tell.” David said, “Well, I guess maybe everyone might tell a lie sometime.” Dub said, “Nuh Uhh. My Dads don’t lie and neither does Pop-pops or Unca Keon or Travon. You always tell the truth, and so do I.” So I guess that settles it. It’s good to be rated high on “Dub’s truth-o-meter.” 🙂

…smoke ’em if you got ’em…

Our last “cigars” post was on April 18, 2018, so it’s probably time for another. We’re not smokers here in the Northland, but these pics make it look pretty darned good!

Fred, Kent and Denny all commented on Dub’s quote as the subject of our last post. At “Pop-pop’s” suggestion, we started keeping a journal of “Dub-isms” shortly after he came to live with us. They’re in a book that lists: The date, The circumstance and Dub’s quote. In addition to our own entries, we get quotes from Pop-pops, Grams and his Mom (mostly from their phone/skype conversations). The journal is lots of fun and Pop-pops is convinced it’ll be made into a book someday. Who knows? Denny, We appreciate your suggestion, but doubt we’ll frame any of them and put them on the wall because Dub gets a little embarrassed when we talk about them. He doesn’t think they’re anything special – says “I’m just sayin’ what I think.”

…smoke ’em if you got ’em…

We know this post won’t appeal to everyone… and, of course none of the “Kansas City Dozen” are smokers… but, we have to admit some of these dudes are pretty darned HOT!