well, dude… since you were wondering…

The last time we did one of these posts was January 15, 2017. Back then, our buddy “Jingle” had commented, saying he thought maybe it was time for another “Naked or Not” post. Well… it’s been about 19 months, so it’s time again… for sure. Probably all guys – gay or straight – notice other dudes’ crotches and wonder. We know we do 🙂

Sometimes necked. Sometimes not.

We’re making this post with thoughts and prayers for our wonderful friend “bw” who has been suffering with a bad bout of the flu. Babe, we’re thinking about you and wishing you all the best for a quick and complete recovery. Be well, brother. We LOVE you!

On Tuesday, our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying he thought maybe it was time for another “Naked or Not” post. We started it immediately, but it took a bit longer than we’d hoped because we try so hard not to repeat pics we’ve posted before. Looking at dudes wearing clothes and wondering what they’d look like neckid is one of our favorite pastimes. Hope these do it for you, babe.


Had a comment yesterday from our buddy, “Bill S” yesterday, saying:
“NO PRESSURE, Buff but I just had a thought:
How about a post that’s “Before & After” with the theme being (before) “Wonderful Faces” & (after) “THE BODY” that goes with the face! ….just seems like it’s something that you would have fun with. ….and I KNOW I’d LOVE it! Yes?”
I thought it was a GREAT idea… and decided to put it together right away. I swear, Bill, you have the greatest ideas for posts. Hope these boys are what you had in mind. Thank you. This was FUN!