Dude. See it. Smell it. Taste it!

In response to Ben’s “shower jacking” post, “bw” commented,
“Maybe I am the exception, but I was never a shower jacker – I did, of course, soap it up and get things going, but I always like to see, smell and occasionally taste my cum instead of having it disappear down the drain.”
I think Bill has it right. Not many things better than “Seeing, smelling and tasting it” 🙂

Dub is, of course, very excited about Christmas. We got Angie’s gift bought and mailed on December 2nd and she’s already called to tell him she’s received it (but hasn’t opened it yet, as directed.) Christmas break runs from December 20th till January 5th, so the kids will have lots of free time. Dub was really excited about a school science project where their class built (and launched) a model rocket. He thought it was about the coolest thing ever. So “Santa” will be bringing him model rocket kits this year. Alex’ idea about doing Christmas at the Lake was a stroke of genius. The kids (and the grandparents and Jim and Carol) are really looking forward to it. Hope you guys have excellent Holiday plans that include friends and/or family. xoxo David and Ben

…burpin’ the baby…chokin’ the chicken…crankin’ the crank…flickin’ the bic…givin’ it a tug…honin’ the bone…jerkin’ the gherkin…lopin’ the mule…pettin’ the lizard…plunkin’ the twanger…pumpin’ the stump…rubbin’ one out…spankin’ the monkey…shreddin’ the carrot…whackin’ the weasel…yankin’ the crank…(whatever you call it, ain’t nothin’ better)!

Several years ago, I did a post of guys jerking off and cumming on on one of the (since deleted) Blogger blogs. I invited viewers to tell me their favorite terms for masturbating. There were lots of great names for it – some of which are listed in the title. It’s one of life’s great joys – and just might be every dude’s favorite pastime. If you have a favorite name for it, we hope you’ll share it with us 🙂

Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” peek “over the shoulders.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Back in August, 2017, Keon and I did a post on the “Flandrin Pose.” Those pics were of naked dudes sitting with their arms wrapped around their legs and their heads resting on their knees. Since then, we’ve been fascinated by a variety of pics of dudes in similar positions. Today’s pics are of guys (naked from head-to-toe) taken from behind “over their shoulders.” It’s not really a “pose” but we love both the similarity and differences in the photos. Hope you like them as much as we do!

We’re excited about the upcoming Easter weekend. Except for Ty, Damien and Austin (who are going to Houston for the Holiday with Ty’s family) the whole gang will be at the Lake. Chad, Raef (and Bud) are taking Dub and Travon and heading out Thursday morning. They’re taking Chad’s bass boat and plan to spend Thursday afternoon and Friday on the Lake crappie fishing. They said to plan to grill fish for dinner Friday evening. I asked if they were sure they’d catch enough fish to do that. Chad just said “Duh.” Travon told us Raef said they’re going to teach “Bud” to point fish. Knowing him and Chad as we do, we didn’t argue. We’re sure David and Ben will give you a full report on the Holiday activities later on. We hope all of you have happy, healthy, safe Holiday weekends. xoxo Rick and Keon