Check it out, dude. Belly-flop selfies!

Hey, guys. We’re home. Got back late Saturday. There was a little snow in Colorado – but nothing serious, and, of course the people out there know how to deal with it. We talked to Dub a couple of times while we were gone. His grandparents brought him home on Sunday. We were a little tired after our trip, so we all went out to eat. I guess the weather in Springfield was rainy and generally pretty crummy while Dub was there – but Coco and the grandparents apparently kept him busy. His grandfather is super excited that Dub is taking to the new camera and learning a lot about using it. He must have taken hundreds of pics of Coco – and some are really good. Of course, one of the most exciting things is they brought lots of Pizza House pizza. We’ve put it in the freezer and can’t wait to thaw some and pig out.
David and I have talked a lot about our trip and my interview. I want to tell you guys about it – but you need to give me some time to think about it first. Facing the end of school – and the prospect of getting a job – and deciding where we’re going to live – and everything else has me a little overwhelmed right now. David has been wonderful about the whole thing – and I know we’ll get through it together. I mean, it’s really just something people deal with all the time 🙂

Check it out, dude. Barefoot belly flops!

We did this post yesterday, but it got deleted because of the blog host change, so here goes again:
Last week, we got an e-mail from our excellent friend, FlipFlopsBoy – just checking-in and keeping in touch. As many of you know, we have a long history of blogging with FFB and thought it was time for another joint post. We e-mailed him and asked if he’d like to join us in putting up some more “barefoot belly flops.” (Our last “BFBF” post was on July 25, 2014 – and before that in June, 2013.)
Sixteen of these pics were selected by Ben – 16 by me – and 16 were sent to us by FFB. We’re hoping maybe you guys can tell us which set (#1 -#16: #17 – #32: and #33 through #48) are from each of us. FFB is a good friend and we always have fun blogging with him. We hope you enjoy these belly floppers as much as we enjoyed putting this together 🙂

Check it out, dude. “Belly-flop selfies”!