It’s “Friends Friday” and, once again, we’re asking “Who would you do?”

Hey guys. It’s Rick. When we did our last “Who would you do?” mega post, I said it would probably be our last. Then, I ran across Keon’s “Soft and hard” folder and thought “Hmmm. I bet we could turn a bunch of these into another “Who would you do?” So, with a TON of help from my amazing husband, we put this together. It’s quite large and I’m guessing it’ll force Jingle to increase his “Dark roast” budget. We had a blast putting it together and hope you’ll enjoy it. When this Covid thing is over we probably won’t have the time to put together posts like this 🙂

It’s Ben. I asked Rick and Keon if I could “tag on” to this post and they said “Please do.” I want to give you a report on David’s and my trip to Kansas City so I could get a CT scan to see if there was anything wrong with my brain (? !). We drove up on Sunday and I had the scan Monday morning. The people at the “Cancer center” where they did the scan were amazing. A nurse (gowned, gloved and masked) met us at the door. She told David she was sorry, but due to Covid 19, he’d have to wait outside. She gave me shoe covers, took me to a small room and told me to wash my face and hands thoroughly with surgical scrub. Then, I put on a gown, plastic hair cover, gloves and a mask. That done, we headed back for the scan. Before I lay down on the scan table, she wiped everything with disinfectant. The whole thing took about 30 minutes so David didn’t have to wait in the car too long. The nurse gave me a phone number and told me to call it “sometime before noon.” I did… and the PA I talked with asked if I had access to “Zoom”. I told him I did and was familiar with it. He said that due to the pandemic, the neurologist would like to “meet with me” by “Zoom” if that was satisfactory. I said that sounded great. So, at 2:00 p.m. I logged on to Zoom, clicked on “join meeting” and we were good to go. The “meeting” lasted about 20 minutes and I was very impressed with the Doctor. Long story short, he told me he didn’t know what had caused my “incident,” but he could assure me it wasn’t related to a TIA (mini-stroke). He said he didn’t think there was anything further I needed to do “at this time” but suggested if I should have another of these “events” I contact a Clinical psychologist. He said his nurse would text me names and contact information of psychologists he recommends.
So – with that behind us, David and I had a delightful Monday evening at home. David made a wonderful dinner… we had a lovely Napa valley cabernet… took our pipe and headed to the hot tub. And, yes. The sex was incredible!
This morning, we did a “Zoom” meeting with Rick, Keon, Cal, Alex, Scott and Denise. We decided since the only contact I’d had while in K.C. was in a safe, sterile environment, there wasn’t any need for “self quarantine”. We drove back to the Lake this afternoon and had a grand group dinner this evening.
Getting the scan done was a bit of a chore, but I’m glad I did it. I’m feeling great now (both physically and mentally) and am anxious to get back to our little classroom with the kids tomorrow morning. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers the past few days. We love you! xoxo Ben and David

Some call it porn… We call it art…

Before we get going on this post, we want to thank Rick for his absolutely wonderful “Who would you do?” post. WOW, babe. It’s awesome. Thanks for all your hard work. It’s honestly one of our favorite posts ever on URD! xoxo Ben and David

Hey, guys… it’s Ben. I wasn’t going to mention this “incident” that took place last week… but, since Rick brought it up, I guess we’ll tell you about it. As you know, Dub had asked me about learning to speak French and I went on-line and gathered up some resources and we got started on it. The kids were all learning a little French, but I don’t speak it – and it was kind of “the blind leading the blind.” I mentioned that to “Dr. C” and he said “I have an idea. Give me a little time to work on it.”
A few days passed and I’d kind of forgotten about asking for help – then last Monday I got a call from him saying he knew just the right person to help us out. He said it was a lady who serves on the Church board with him and is originally from France. She taught French history at USC for about 20 years before retiring to take care of her husband who had cancer. He passed about a year ago. “Dr. C” said he’d talked to her and she was interested in teaching the kids to speak French. We’d do it by “Zoom” sessions one hour each school day. Her name is Jeanette Durand – and Dr. C chuckled and said “I call her ‘Madame Jeanette’.”
Then – I don’t know what happened. When he said “Madame Jeanette” my vision started blurring and then everything went black. I found myself in a flashback, in Columbia, MO, standing next to my cousin Donnie (Pop-pop’s son and Dub’s bio father) in our high school choir singing in the State choir competition. It was the finals and we were singing “Madame Jeanette.” I guess I was “out” for about 30 minutes before I finally sort of woke up and returned to life at Table Rock. It was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me.
Last Monday afternoon, I was in the cabin working on a contract when Dub called me. He said You’ve got to come here NOW. Something’s happened to Dad. Please hurry.” I made it to “the school” at Ty and Damien’s cabin in about 4 or 5 minutes. When I got there, Ben was sitting at the table he uses as a desk. He’d dropped his phone on the floor and was just staring off in the distance. He seemed to be in a stupor or something. He was breathing normally but was unresponsive. I snapped my fingers in front of his eyes and talked to him – but got no reaction. I started to call 911 – but thought better of it and called Jim, who said “Stay right there. I’ll handle it.” He called back a couple of minutes later and said “The paramedics are one the way. They’ll be here shortly. I told them no fucking lights or sirens.” The ambulance got here about 30 minutes later – and, by then, Ben had regained consciousness and was talking to us. Alex had come and gotten the kids and taken them to their homes… except for Dub who said “No way I’m leaving my dad.” The medics were gowned up wearing masks and gloves and checked all of Ben’s vital signs. His body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level and respiratory rate were all normal. The lead medic said “Normally, we’d take him straight to Springfield for a brain scan… but with this Covid thing going on, we’ll let you guys make the call.” Ben assured us he was fine and the medics wrapped up and left.
Well… that was a seriously fucked up deal. I still don’t know what happened but I’m feeling fine now and we’re back to school every day. Jeanette is doing “Zoom sessions” with the kids daily and they’re loving it. She’s a lovely lady and has them singing “Frere Jacques” in both English and French.
I doubt I’ll have any more of these weird flashbacks, but have promised David I’ll go for a brain scan if I ever have another.
If you’re not familiar with the song “Madame Jeanette” you really should hear it. We won second in the State choir competition. I can still feel Donnie standing next to me while we sang.
xoxo Ben and David

Dude. Hair is over-rated!

I walked into the bathroom one day last week and saw David examining his hair in the mirror. I said, “What’s up, babe?” He said, “At the rate I’m losing hair, you may have a bald husband before long.” I grinned and said, “Cool! That’ll make you even sexier.” He said, “I’m not so sure about that.” I said, “I think you’d look sensational bald.” He said, “I don’t know how I feel about that. I kind of like my hair.” I said, “Babe, I love you with or without hair on your head. I do, however seriously love the hair on your ass.” So, I bent him over and started demonstrating with my tongue. I think that pretty much put things in their proper perspective 🙂