Balls. balls. balls. balls. Yummy balls. balls. balls.

Ben and I were sleeping in this morning — until we were awakened by Dub jumping on our bed yelling “Dad. We Won. Dad. Wake Up. We won!: and he was shoving his i-pad in my face until I finally realized we were watching network news and learning that…YES… Joe and Kamala had won… and our National nightmare was over. Then, Dub said, “Here… hold this.” and he put his I-pad in my hands while he crawled in between Ben and me… and we watched his I-Pad while he put one arm around each of our necks. It was one of those family moments neither Ben nor I could possibly ever forget. GOD BLESS AMERICA 🙂

Hey. It’s Ben. It’s been several days since I met with Ms. Evelyn (Alyssa’s sort-of but not really grandmother) – and things are finally settling down. When I got home after talking with her, David and I talked for a long time and decided we needed to get all our friends together. So, of course, our first call was to Keon and he said “What we need is a cookout and a dip in the hot tub.” We agreed on a Friday evening get-together and called to clear it with the other guys. Cal said “I talked with my Mum and Scott and they said they’d love having the kids for a sleepover Friday night,” so we won’t have to worry about them.”
Yesterday afternoon, when Denise and Scott came to pick up the kids, she said “Ben. We need a word in private.” So we went into my office. She said “Cal told me you were upset because Ms. Evelyn hired private investigators to look into your backgrounds.” I said “Yes. It’s so damned intrusive. I mean, where does she get off looking into our personal lives?” Denise opened her brief case… pulled out three folders… and handed them to me. She said “These are reports from private investigators I hired while we were still living in Australia. They’re on you and David and your friends. I didn’t think it was unreasonable to check into your backgrounds and find out about you before we picked up and moved clear across the World. I’m sorry. If I’d know it would upset you, I’d have given these to you months ago.” I said “So, what did you find out about us?” She said “You can read them for yourself… but in a nutshell, I learned that you and David are two nice gay men who adopted a terrific son named Dub and established a wonderful home – surrounded by amazing friends. I learned that you’re a dedicated and respected educator who loves kids and teaching. I learned you’re the kind of people Scott and I want to spend our lives around.” I said “Thank you,” – then put the files aside… and decided maybe Ms. Evelyn hadn’t been as out-of-line as I’d originally thought.
So anyway, Denise and Scott took the kids over to their place and the guys started arriving and the party began. David wasn’t allowed to do any cooking, and everyone else got busy with the food they’d brought. We had tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and carne asada with pitchers of margaritas to wash it all down. After the long, comfortable dinner, we all grabbed our drinks and pipes and headed to the hot tub.
It was a long discussion in “the tub”, so I’ll just give you a summary. We decided:
1. Alyssa is a wonderful little girl who needs a good home and fits in with our group perfectly.
2. She would be welcomed into any of our homes, but Chad and Raef really, really want to adopt her. Chad said “I’m closer to Alyssa than the rest of you. I’ve worked with her every day at school and we’ve become close.” Raef said “I’ve wanted a little girl as long as I can remember. As much as I love Matty – and I DO love him – he’s a boy, and Ive just always wanted a daughter.” Chad said “Matty thinks Alyssa is great and we’re sure they’ll be good siblings.”
3. Alex said “The only problem I see is your house is too small for four people. It only has two bedrooms and one bath and you’ll need more space if you’re gonna adopt. As it happens, we have plenty of materials left over at Koala Cove to add a couple of bedrooms and baths to your house. They’ve already been charged to the villas project, so they wouldn’t cost you anything. I can get Nathan and one of his crews over to your house and we can start the addition within a couple of weeks. And I promise it won’t look like it’s built with ‘left over stuff’. We’ve got some really nice materials over there and we can make your home a real showplace.”
4. Chad and Raef said they’d insist on a “clean break” between Alyssa and Evelyn. They said they’ll want to use OUR attorneys to handle the adoption and that they want Evelyn limited to one two-hour visitation per month.
5. Chad and Raef made it clear they neither need nor want Evelyn’s money. Cal, however, suggested that maybe Evelyn could continue to pay Alyssa’s school tuition if she chooses to to that. We all thought that sounded reasonable.
So – bottom line – I called Evelyn and set up a meeting with Chad, Raef and our attorney plus her and her attorney next Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. We know Chad and Raef will handle it well… and we know our attorneys won’t put up with any crap.
So, that’s the way it is. Look. We’re just a bunch of guys trying to do what’s best. We hope we’re getting this right, but we don’t really know that. We’re hoping you guys will remember us in your thoughts and prayers.
We’ll keep you posted.

Happy birthday, babe. We love you.

It’s “Friends Friday” and, once again, we’re asking “Who would you do?”

Hey guys. It’s Rick. When we did our last “Who would you do?” mega post, I said it would probably be our last. Then, I ran across Keon’s “Soft and hard” folder and thought “Hmmm. I bet we could turn a bunch of these into another “Who would you do?” So, with a TON of help from my amazing husband, we put this together. It’s quite large and I’m guessing it’ll force Jingle to increase his “Dark roast” budget. We had a blast putting it together and hope you’ll enjoy it. When this Covid thing is over we probably won’t have the time to put together posts like this 🙂

It’s Ben. I asked Rick and Keon if I could “tag on” to this post and they said “Please do.” I want to give you a report on David’s and my trip to Kansas City so I could get a CT scan to see if there was anything wrong with my brain (? !). We drove up on Sunday and I had the scan Monday morning. The people at the “Cancer center” where they did the scan were amazing. A nurse (gowned, gloved and masked) met us at the door. She told David she was sorry, but due to Covid 19, he’d have to wait outside. She gave me shoe covers, took me to a small room and told me to wash my face and hands thoroughly with surgical scrub. Then, I put on a gown, plastic hair cover, gloves and a mask. That done, we headed back for the scan. Before I lay down on the scan table, she wiped everything with disinfectant. The whole thing took about 30 minutes so David didn’t have to wait in the car too long. The nurse gave me a phone number and told me to call it “sometime before noon.” I did… and the PA I talked with asked if I had access to “Zoom”. I told him I did and was familiar with it. He said that due to the pandemic, the neurologist would like to “meet with me” by “Zoom” if that was satisfactory. I said that sounded great. So, at 2:00 p.m. I logged on to Zoom, clicked on “join meeting” and we were good to go. The “meeting” lasted about 20 minutes and I was very impressed with the Doctor. Long story short, he told me he didn’t know what had caused my “incident,” but he could assure me it wasn’t related to a TIA (mini-stroke). He said he didn’t think there was anything further I needed to do “at this time” but suggested if I should have another of these “events” I contact a Clinical psychologist. He said his nurse would text me names and contact information of psychologists he recommends.
So – with that behind us, David and I had a delightful Monday evening at home. David made a wonderful dinner… we had a lovely Napa valley cabernet… took our pipe and headed to the hot tub. And, yes. The sex was incredible!
This morning, we did a “Zoom” meeting with Rick, Keon, Cal, Alex, Scott and Denise. We decided since the only contact I’d had while in K.C. was in a safe, sterile environment, there wasn’t any need for “self quarantine”. We drove back to the Lake this afternoon and had a grand group dinner this evening.
Getting the scan done was a bit of a chore, but I’m glad I did it. I’m feeling great now (both physically and mentally) and am anxious to get back to our little classroom with the kids tomorrow morning. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers the past few days. We love you! xoxo Ben and David