Here’s some love ‘n hugs for our birthday boy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETO!

August 28th is a very special day for UnrulyDude because it’s the birthdays of two of our best on-line buds – Tim and Beto.
Beto… you’ve been one of our best – and dearest friends for many years. You’re the guy we turn to when we need an answer to a question or help putting a post together. Your amazing knowledge and memory are a constant source of wonder and delight. Today, we’re wishing you joy, happiness and many wonderful years with friends and those you love. Thank you for being such an important part of UnrulyDude – and for your special friendship. We love you! David, Ben and the Table Rock gang

Happy birthday dear Beto… Happy birthday to you!

Beto, you’re one of our dearest friends and we’re so happy you’re part of our UnrulyDude family. We’re sending our best wishes for a birthday filled with love, good health, hairy boys and happiness – today – and for many years to come. Enjoy your cake, but be sure to floss after eating it 🙂 We love you! xoxo David, Ben and the Northland gang

Happy birthday, dear Beto. Happy birthday to you!

Roberto, it’s your birthday and we’re wishing you love, joy and happiness beyond measure. Deciding what pics to post on your special day was a challenge… so David and I finally settled on what we’re calling a “Beto potpourri.” Just some photos we’ve accumulated in our “Beto’s birthday” folders as we think of you every day throughout the year. Happy birthday, babe… WE LOVE YOU!

As we explained earlier on Tim’s post, deciding how to handle two birthday boys in one day has been a challenge. Actually, now that we think of it… there’s really nothing we’d rather do than “handle” you two boys on your birthdays!!