Hold on, dude. Here comes a “Beto potpourri”!

Back on April 15th, we did a post of pics that our buddy “Jingle” had sent us. There was a big variety so we called it a “Jingle potpourri.” At that time, we asked if any of you other guys would like to send us pics for a post. Guess what… our excellent friend “Beto” did just that.
These are all pics e-mailed to us by Beto, and we absolutely love them. It’s exactly what we were hoping for when we asked for pics from the CCC. They do a great job of expressing who Beto is – and what “turns his crank.”
Thank you, Beto. We love you!

O.K. guys. Who’s next? Denny? Tim? Bill? bw? Fred? Ray? Alex? Bobby B? Phil? Anyone? Anyone? We’d love to see your favorite pics. Just send them to “unrulydude@juno.com” and we’ll take it from there.

Happy birthday, dear Beto. Happy birthday to you!

Roberto, it’s your birthday and we’re wishing you love, joy and happiness beyond measure. Deciding what pics to post on your special day was a challenge… so David and I finally settled on what we’re calling a “Beto potpourri.” Just some photos we’ve accumulated in our “Beto’s birthday” folders as we think of you every day throughout the year. Happy birthday, babe… WE LOVE YOU!

As we explained earlier on Tim’s post, deciding how to handle two birthday boys in one day has been a challenge. Actually, now that we think of it… there’s really nothing we’d rather do than “handle” you two boys on your birthdays!!