Dude. Happy National grab some nuts day!

On July 15th, our buddy “Tim” commented: “The last ‘Grab Some Nuts Day’ post dates back to August 2017. After this Bulge post, would it be appropriate to request a follow up ‘Grab Some Nuts Day’ post?”
Well, of course it’s appropriate, Tim. It’s our bad for not honoring this important day for the past 4 years. As you guys undoubtedly know, “Grab some nuts day” is a major National holiday that should be celebrated by …ummm… grabbing some nuts.
Anyway, when we got Tim’s request, the first thing we did was fire off an e-mail to Beto asking for help. And, boy… did he ever come through. The first 24 pics here are from Beto and the remaining 24 are from David’s and my “grab some nuts” folders.
So THANK YOU, Tim – and THANK YOU, Beto. You guys are awesome. Now, guys, lets all get out there and “GRAB SOME NUTS”!

Pits. pits. pits. pits. Yummy pits. pits. pits. pits!

Last week, I ran across a pic on line that I particularly like – the dude has beautiful eyes, nice tatts, pierced nips – and is showing us a yummy, unshaved pit (it’s pic #25 here). It got me thinking about hairy pits and, of course that got me thinking about our expert on all things hairy… so I shot off this e-mail:
“Hey, Beto. I’m putting together a hairy pits post for sometime next week and thought of you. I have 24 pics picked out for it and wonder if you’d like to send us 24? I’ve tried to focus on younger totally naked guys pics. Should be fun! Best, Ben”
Beto responded by sending us 24 awesome pics of young dudes with hairy pits. So… the first 24 pics here are from Beto and the rest (#25 through #48) are from me. I think the resulting post is really pretty cool. Hope you guys like it. THANK YOU, Beto. You’re the best!

Happy birthday, dear Larry. Happy birthday to you!

It’s Larry’s birthday… and we want to wish him good health and happiness today – and for years to come.
Larry is a champion. He’s one of our dearest, most loyal, most tolerant friends. He puts up with tattoos, piercings, facial hair and all manner of other things he doesn’t necessarily like, because he’s our friend… and he’s the ultimate good sport.
Larry. We hope these boys will make your birthday a little brighter. We’ve tried to make sure there are NO tattoos, NO piercings and NO facial hair in your birthday cake. Happy day, baby. We love you! xoxo David, Ben and Beto

Special thanks to Beto for sending us many of these pics. Beto knows exactly what “his mates” like – and we know Larry will love the pics Beto selected for him!