Here’s some love ‘n hugs for our birthday boy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETO!

August 28th is a very special day for UnrulyDude because it’s the birthdays of two of our best on-line buds – Tim and Beto.
Beto… you’ve been one of our best – and dearest friends for many years. You’re the guy we turn to when we need an answer to a question or help putting a post together. Your amazing knowledge and memory are a constant source of wonder and delight. Today, we’re wishing you joy, happiness and many wonderful years with friends and those you love. Thank you for being such an important part of UnrulyDude – and for your special friendship. We love you! David, Ben and the Table Rock gang

Hold on, dude. Here comes a “Beto potpourri”!

Back on April 15th, we did a post of pics that our buddy “Jingle” had sent us. There was a big variety so we called it a “Jingle potpourri.” At that time, we asked if any of you other guys would like to send us pics for a post. Guess what… our excellent friend “Beto” did just that.
These are all pics e-mailed to us by Beto, and we absolutely love them. It’s exactly what we were hoping for when we asked for pics from the CCC. They do a great job of expressing who Beto is – and what “turns his crank.”
Thank you, Beto. We love you!

O.K. guys. Who’s next? Denny? Tim? Bill? bw? Fred? Ray? Alex? Bobby B? Phil? Anyone? Anyone? We’d love to see your favorite pics. Just send them to “” and we’ll take it from there.

A late (and very pleasant) discovery

On April 18th, our friend “Beto” sent us a large number of pics of “Anton Adamos,” a model from the late 1990’s. We had seen – and even posted a few of these, but the collection Beto put together is stunning. After we received the pics, we searched through our “posted” folders and found a few more that are included here. We’re posting Beto’s e-mail containing his research at the bottom here. THANK YOU, BETO for this wonderful “stroll down memory lane”!

Here’s the text from Beto’s e-mail of April 18th:
“Hi, guys. Learning that you welcome pics from us viewers so much, I went to take a look at some old CDs with hundreds of pics saved back in the 2000s. Then I found a series of pics of a dude on the sand that I’ve always found so hot and decided to try to discover more about him. And I did: the guy is a Czech model known as Anton Adamos, having also used the names Petri Kent, Axel Cane, and Sven Danton. The series on the beach (pics 1-19) was a photoshoot for the Freshmen maganize back in 1998, and in 2002 he did a solo video for BelAmi, but apparently didn’t continue to work there (his chest hair didn’t make him the typical BelAmi boy). One source that I came across says he later did gay and straight porn, but I’ve never seen him in any sex scene. Perhaps bw knows something more about him.
As you’ve been blogging for so long and seem to enjoy the stories of these porn dudes, I thought you wouldn’t mind me sharing this collection of Anton Adamos with you. 😉 Maybe you even posted some of these on your previous blogs? To me this feels a bitl like a stroll down memory lane. 😉