Dude. Hang loose!

First things first. It’s February 4th and we’re sorry to say we missed Phil’s birthday on February 2nd. Our BAD! Phil, you’re a dear friend and we hope your birthday was your best ever. Maybe Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs helped make your day special!
xoxo David and Ben

Oh. What a game it was! The Northland gang gathered over at Scott and Denise’ condo to watch the Super Bowl – and eventually celebrate the result. We had misgivings about piling in on Scott and Denise, but they insisted we come to their home for the party. Said it helps them forget the horrors of the things they saw while in Australia.
As for the game itself, everyone sat in stunned silence as the game entered the 4th quarter with the Chiefs down 10 points. At that point, I said “Dub, what do you think?” He said “The Chiefs can still do it – but they better do it quick.” He was all smiles as they “did it”!
Ben did our last post and it featured mostly professional models with big, hangin’ dicks. I thought it would be fun to look at some amateurs with big, hangin’ dicks. We have no idea why so many of these otherwise hot guys shave their junk. They just do.

“hang loose, my brothers”

We had a wonderful “Red Friday Rally” here at the house yesterday afternoon. The rally was Dub’s idea – and we told him we wanted to keep it to a reasonably small group. Good luck with that!
Fortunately, we have a large 3-car garage, and we’d moved our bikes down to the covered patio on the lower lever, so there was quite a lot of room… or at least enough room for a “small group.” Of course, the word had gotten around at school and all the guys in the Northland gang knew about it. You get the picture.
David and I had decided to set up our grille and make chili dogs for the occasion. We had no idea how many people would be coming, so we got 60 hot dogs and buns and David made a huge pot of chili. Denise and Scott brought an enormous tray of fresh veggies… and we had two big batches of hot-spiced cider (one for the kids and the other (generously spiked with vodka) for the adults.
Alex showed up in a Chiefs cheer-leader costume and introduced Bella and Kylie and two of their friends who were dressed in red Chiefs cheer-leading outfits. What fun! So, we had cheers – and music and food – and even though it was spitting rain outside we managed to stay fairly dry.
We’d been making chili dogs like crazy and I realized we were going to run out of food. About then Keon walked by and I said “Crap. We’re running out of hot dogs and buns.” Keon just smiled and said “Hang loose, my brothers, I’ll take care of it.” So, he and Travon headed to Target. They were back in about 15 minutes with armloads of buns and hot dogs. Keon laughed and said “News alert! Target is officially out of hot dog buns 🙂
Anyway, we don’t know how many were here for the festivities, but we counted the bun wrappers – and we went through 128 buns. We know there were more people than that (it was kind of a come-and-go deal) and some people were headed home for dinner and didn’t eat… but it was a CROWD!
At this point, we don’t know whether the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl… but we feel like we’ve done our part to cheer them on 🙂

It’s “Friends Friday” and here’s the “long and short” of it!

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. Rick started putting this post together several months ago but didn’t finish it, so I thought I’d “have a go” at it. It seems like an easy thing – just find a pic of a dude with a big dick and pair it with a less generously endowed guy. I found it’s not as easy as it seems. Anyway, it was fun doing this and we hope you enjoy both the “bigguns” and the “littleuns”.

Friday, Travon got a UPS (mailing tube) package from “Pop-pops.” We opened it and it’s a beautiful poster print of the painting of Tra, Max and the rock garden that Alex did on our bedroom wall at the lake. It’s a really big (32″x48″) print made from one of the pics Tra took of the painting. We’ll take it over to “Art and Frame Warehouse” to have it framed next week. It makes us think Pop-pops and “Denny” were on the same wave-length. When Denny read about the painting, he commented: “While you get to see that beautiful painting every week end when the weather is nice, why not take a pic of it, enlarge it, frame it, and hang it in your Platte Woods home, where you can enjoy it all winter long.” Wow, Denny. Great idea!
When Tra looked at the print, he said “I wish we could just go there sometime.” I said “Sure we will. We’ll be going there a lot.” He sort of frowned and said “I mean… just us.” Rick said “You mean you want just the three of us to go to the lake?” Tra was looking down at his feet and mumbled “Just us three and Max.” Rick and I were really surprised – and pleased to think Tra wanted us to go to the cabin as a family. So, of course, we’ll be doing that next weekend. We’ve told all our friends and family about it and they’ve all said they thought it’d be a very cool thing for us to do. So it’ll be just the four of us at the cabin next weekend. We’ll let you know how it goes 🙂