It’s a “Friends Friday” look at some “above average joes” !

Hey, guys…it’s Rick. In the last little while, we’ve had “average joes” and “below average joes,” so I think it’s probably time for some “above average joes.” Being married to Keon, I feel fully qualified to handle the assignment!
I need to make a comment about this post. As much as I love gay art, I absolutely HATE it when assholes use photoshop to fuck up photos by adding grossly disproportionate genitals. I’m guessing that maybe as many as a third to half of the “big dick” pics you see on-line are photoshopped. I think that’s just SICK. They take beautiful bodies – created in the image of God – and distort them into obscenities. In putting this together, I’ve tried really hard to eliminate any pics that have been mutilated. I can’t guarantee that every one of these dudes are genuine/unaltered, but I’ve made a sincere effort at it. So much for words from my soapbox 🙂

We’re going strong here in the Northland. Had some cold weather and a bit of snow last week, but that’s to be expected. Travon and Max, of course loved the snow and we’re hoping for enough to make a snowman before too long. They really are a “piece of work.” Travon is crazy about his furry little bud and Max is at his side every minute he’s home. After we read together at night, when we tuck Travon in, Max (and “Muff”) snuggle in to share his bed.
We’re excited about Thanksgiving. The entire Northland gang will be at the lake for the Holiday. The grandparents are coming – and Jim and Carol are really excited. They’re promising apple pies and homemade cinnamon crank ice cream for dessert. We’ll take the dogs, of course… and it’ll be a crowd… but we’ll have two cabins and two condos to spread out it and I’m sure it’ll be a great time. Hope your Thanksgiving plans include good food and drink – shared with family and wonderful friends! xoxo Rick and Keon (and Travon and Max and Muff) 🙂

Dude. It’s another “Friends Friday” – and that’s about the size of it!

Here’s wishing every one of our “fathers” and/or “daddies” a happy,healthy, fun-filled splendid “Father’s Day.” We love you guys.

A few weeks ago, Keon surprised me with a “that’s about the size of it” post where he joined pics of guys with smaller and larger junk. I thought it was great fun so I found a couple of pics, joined ’em, and e-mailed it to him. So, he sent me a pic with a challenge, saying “Join this, bitch.”! So, we went back and forth and each of us did about half these joined pics. We had a lot of fun with it… and found there are some pics we just cannot find a match for. And, to be honest, if David hadn’t copied all his pic files onto an external hard drive and given it to us, we probably couldn’t have done this post. Hope you guys enjoy these as much as we’ve enjoyed putting them together!
I want to mention one thing Ben didn’t tell you about our Memorial Day week at the lake. One day, we all went in to Branson for lunch and shopping – and the grandparents bought the boys each a pair of Sketchers light-up sneakers. All the boys like them – but Travon is absolutely crazy about his. He’ll go in the bath room and turn off the lights and we’ll hear him jumping up and down and laughing like crazy. Or, other times, we’ll be sitting watching t.v. and he’ll jump straight up and light up his sneaks and we all laugh, and he’ll tell us a funny story about something he and Dub and Austin and Izzie did at the lake. It’s a JOY to see our son being so happy. Remember, this was a boy whose former foster parents wanted additional funding for because they thought he was a “deaf mute.” His laughing and jabbering and hugs are the greatest “fathers day” gift any father could possibly have 🙂 xoxo Rick (and Keon)

It’s “Friends Friday” and that’s about the size of it.

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. Rick and I have been working on this post for a while. It came about because he and I go to the gym and work out 4 or 5 days every week… and, while we’re there, we have this kind of game where we look at other guys and guess about how big their dicks are. It’s hard to guess. Sometimes you see a guy and he looks like he’s Black or Italian or maybe Arabic and you think he’d probably have a real big dick, but then, when you’re showering or whatever, you look at his dick and maybe it’s real small and you’re surprised. Or, maybe you see some geeky lookin’ little dude and you think his dick would be tiny – and you see him getting dressed and it’s hangin’ half way to his knees. Anyway, it’s not a big deal… just something we do. I guess we think all dicks are wonderful – no matter how big they are 🙂

We’ve barely seen David and Ben the last couple of weeks. David has been in California in business and trade association meetings – and talking with customers. Ben has been dealing with end-of-school student evaluations and parent meetings and trying to teach a bunch of kids who’ve already checked-out and think they’re already on Summer break.
Anyway, David, Ben, Dub, Austin and Travon left early this morning for Springfield. The plan is for them to spend today (Thursday) and tonight with the grandparents… and then head on to the lake tomorrow. Rick and I… Cal, Alex and Izzie… Ty and Damien… Denise and Scott (Cal’s parents) will all get to the lake Friday afternoon. It’ll be a bunch for the Holiday weekend, but Ty and Damien have rented a condo for the weekend – as have Denise and Scott. We’re all super excited about getting away and spending some time at Table Rock. We hope you all have excellent Holiday weekends – with good health, nice Spring weather and lots to eat and drink.
xoxo. Keon and Rick