Biker boys!

Dub has really enjoyed his bike and loves riding – although we’ve been real strict about where he can go on it. So, last Saturday after we’d cleaned house and done the laundry and finished our chores, David asked if I thought we should go check out the “neighborhood garage sales” in a near-by subdivision. He thought we might look to see if there were any bikes for sale. So we loaded up Dub and drove around and looked at the sales… and, sure enough, we finally found a house that had a couple of old ten speeds. It was near closing time for the sales and so we offered $10.00 each and the lady said they were worth a lot more… and after a bunch of haggling, we ended up paying her $35.00 for the pair. They were pretty rough, but we brought ’em home and went to work. Had to replace two of the tires – and take ’em to a service station to air-up the tires – then clean ’em up and use a bunch of oil and grease, but we got ’em both working. So now, we can ride bikes with Dub – and he’s ecstatic. It’s rained all week… but we’ve managed to find a time every day when we can go riding for a while. It’s opened up a whole new world for him. His little bike and little legs don’t let us get too far from home, but we go further than he’d ever gone by himself and, of course, we’re doing it together… which is neat. Maybe the best 35 bucks we’ve spent. Funny how having a kid changes your perspectives.

Biker dudes!

David and I were talking last Sunday and he told me he had bought 100 shares of Apple stock back when it was about $40.00 per share. Said it was the only stock he owned, but it’d been a good investment (it’s nearly $600. per share now). He said the “heart thing” got him thinking – so he sold 14 shares last week. “It’s like this, Ben… after tax, we’ve got 5 thousand dollars to spend on something fun. What would you like to do?” I said, “You sure you can afford to do that?” He said, “Sure. Maybe we could take a trip somewhere – Hawaii or Europe – or, we could do something else. Just something we’d enjoy doing together. We don’t need to decide anything now.” I told him I’d think about it – and I have been – and this morning, before we went to see the cardiologist, I asked him, “You ever ride a motorcycle?” He said, “No.” I said, “My dad had a Harley when I was little, but Mom made him sell it. I’ve always kind of thought I’d like to try riding one.” David said, “Great idea. We could stop at the Harley place after we go see the doc.” I said, “We’ll see what the doctor says.” So, after he got his report from the cardiologist, we stopped at the Harley shop and – just like that – signed up for riding lessons and ordered a pair of bikes. I’m gonna take him to Sturgis in August 🙂

David’s cardiologist is THE NEATEST DUDE EVER! I went with him for his appointment today – he had an EKG – normal – and then we saw the doc. The doc said the “heart flutter” was likely an isolated incident and probably wouldn’t happen again. Said it wouldn’t be life-threatening if it did. Said to get back on our exercise schedule. Said “a couple glasses of wine or a couple drinks a day would probably be a good thing – but not to drink more than that. David asked “What about sex?” The doc grinned and said “I like it a lot and recommend it.” He looked at me and said (to David) I have some free samples of Cialis if you’re interested.” I just blurted out “That’s the LAST thing he needs.” and we all had a big laugh. David is, like totally relieved – and I’ve never been happier.

Dude. How ’bout you straddle my “hog”?

This post was requested by “Don” who said, “How about guys posing or having sex on or next to motorcycles?”
Well… why not? Bunch of “hogs” here that I wouldn’t mind riding myself. Thanks for the suggestion, Don!