Biker boys!

Dub has really enjoyed his bike and loves riding – although we’ve been real strict about where he can go on it. So, last Saturday after we’d cleaned house and done the laundry and finished our chores, David asked if I thought we should go check out the “neighborhood garage sales” in a near-by subdivision. He thought we might look to see if there were any bikes for sale. So we loaded up Dub and drove around and looked at the sales… and, sure enough, we finally found a house that had a couple of old ten speeds. It was near closing time for the sales and so we offered $10.00 each and the lady said they were worth a lot more… and after a bunch of haggling, we ended up paying her $35.00 for the pair. They were pretty rough, but we brought ’em home and went to work. Had to replace two of the tires – and take ’em to a service station to air-up the tires – then clean ’em up and use a bunch of oil and grease, but we got ’em both working. So now, we can ride bikes with Dub – and he’s ecstatic. It’s rained all week… but we’ve managed to find a time every day when we can go riding for a while. It’s opened up a whole new world for him. His little bike and little legs don’t let us get too far from home, but we go further than he’d ever gone by himself and, of course, we’re doing it together… which is neat. Maybe the best 35 bucks we’ve spent. Funny how having a kid changes your perspectives.

Dude. You wanta go ride some bikes?

So, there we were in Puerto Vallarta.. and when I woke up, Leonardo was gone… so I pulled on my boxers and stumbled around and made coffee… and saw a note that said, “David and Ben. You are wonderful. You are excellent friends. I can’t see you tomorrow. And, if you see me at work, you don’t know me. O.K? Please.
Monday is my day off work and I’ll be at the far end of the gay beach… beyond the last of the blue chairs… at 2:00 p.m., and I hope to see you there, my friends. I like you very much. Leo”
So, Sunday, we just did “touristy” stuff… and wandered around… and went to the beach… and totally relaxed… and ended up having an amazing dinner at Ocean Grill Vallarta… and went back to our room and snuggled and got a great nights sleep.
Then, Monday morning… we got up late… and showered and had a light brunch on the patio… and were both relaxed… but we both knew we were going to the beach to meet Leo. And it was cool.
So, we packed a lunch… and a bunch of sunscreen and water and some beers… and headed to the beach… and took off our clothes and wandered around naked… and, when we got beyond the blue chairs, and way up the beach, we saw “Leo”… just standing there… naked and a little boned-up… and we walked over to him and he said, “My friends.” And we ended up in some brush just off the beach… naked and sucking and fucking and totally loving being together… and it lasted most of the afternoon and we talked and kissed and had sex again…and drank some beer and smoked a joint and it was amazing.
As it turns out, Leo is a student… studying computer graphics… mostly on-line – but some at University. He and David totally got into a discussion of David’s business – and he (David) said he would hire Leo to do graphics stuff – and he could do it from Puerto Vallarta on-line… and he (David) would send Leo a new MacBook… and pay him for the stuff he did. Leo was just totally happy… and we went to the brush and had sex again… and then David and I went back to the hotel. Knowing, that whatever else would happen on our trip to Puerto Vallarta, it couldn’t possibly be as special as our wonderful afternoon with Leo.
We spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Puerto Vallarta… mostly on the beach… and mostly naked. The temperature was mid-80’s, the sky was blue… the sand was warm and we loved every minute of it. We didn’t see Leo again… but we knew neither of us would ever forget this wonderful boy.