Dude. What’s the story with these Cocksuckers?

Back on August 30th, our buddy “Bill S” commented, saying:
“I have just come up with an idea for a post!
“What’s the Story with these Cocksuckers?” Maybe you could just save to my birthday file, pics of guys sucking cock in unusual places or unexplainable circumstances, and so on. And then post all 48 on my birthday! Just a thought! (-: ”
David and I started collecting pics… and this afternoon I noticed there were 184 photos in the folder. It’s like this. Bill’s birthday isn’t until June 13th, and – for all we know – Trump may have blown up the World by then… and it’d be a shame if we hadn’t done this post. So, here you go, babe. It’s a bit early for your birthday, but what-the-Hell – it’s fun to look at these dudes sucking cocks whenever and wherever the mood strikes 🙂

It’s “Friends Friday” and we’re having a look at Bill’s favorite “Porn pup.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. A while back, we mentioned “bw’s” frequent references to “Porn Pups” and we thought it would be fun to do some posts featuring YOUR favorite “Porn Pup.” So far, we’ve posted Ray’s fav (Adam Ramzi) and Jingle’s (Derek Parker). That brings to our third request, which came from “Bill S”. Here are his comments:
“I really can’t even come up with any name to tell you. So I wish you good luck in picking one for me! Because I really don’t know!! But, I’m sure to enjoy the posts you come up with!!! I just wish I could play. XOXO”
…then, he said:
“OK, I changed my mind: I’m going to pick two together! Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox. They do a lot together and I’m never sure which one is the luckiest one! I think they are actually lovers, and that is really HOT! (-: XOXO”
So that got us looking up Colby and Mickey on-line – and what we found is they’re married… and have been for about eight years. They own a video production company and have made tons of gay videos – together – and with a whole bunch of other dudes.
Keon and I LOVE the idea of two cute dudes being in the porn business and happily married at the same time. Thanks, Bill, for causing us to research these guys on line… and fall in love with them ourselves.