A little something for our “Birthday boy”!

Other than Jingle and FlipFlopsBoy, our first “Birthday boy” post is for our buddy “Larry” who commented, saying:
“My birthday is July 12. I am celebrating by gong to a Drum Corps show. (All those hot young guys in uniforms! ) I am the twink lover. I am the opposite of you guys and jingle. I dislike facial hair and tats. I love uncuts and smooth chests, but I have a fetish for hairy legs. Go figure! And I can eat smooth holes all day, so I always love your “hole” posts.”
So, we thought we’d just find a bunch of pics of guys with smooth chests and hairy legs for Larry. Oops! Do you guys have any idea how hard it is to find dudes with smooth chests and hairy legs?
So, after several hours of searching on both Ben’s and my part, this is our best attempt.
Hope your birthday is AWESOME, babe!