Dude. Check out the foreskins on these fabulous black boys!

On Monday, “Alex” commented: “Speaking of great packages: I would love to see a post with uncut black guys! Preferably hard with the foreskin still covering the head, but such shots can be hard to find 😁”
We thought it was a great idea – and a post we’ve never done. Alex, we hope these foreskin-blessed black boys are what you have in mind. Thanks for a fun (and hot) post request! xoxo David

With summer winding down, we’ve been spending lots of time on the lake. On days when we’re out fishing, boating, water skiing and swimming, we take our portable grills with us so we can pull up and do “shore lunches.” We let the kids do the grilling and they love it. One of their favorite things is grilled crappie sandwiches with tater tots so we’ve kept Chad and Raef busy supplying us with crappie filets.
The end of summer always makes us a little sad, but one of the best things about living in Missouri is the changing seasons. As much fun as summer is, fall is beautiful in the Ozarks.

Dude. Check out these buck naked black bois!

We’ve been doing posts of naked dudes lately – sometimes using the term “butt naked” and sometimes “buck naked.” Thinking about it prompted me to break out the old Merriam-Webster to see which is correct. Here’s what I found:
” ‘Buck Naked’ or ‘Butt Naked’? It’s a natural question. What to know:
While both buck naked and butt naked are used to describe someone who is fully nude, buck naked is the older of the pair. Butt naked is much newer and likely sees use because of butt having a long history of referring to a person’s buttocks.”
So there you have it. Butt naked or buck naked? It’s your choice. But when we looked at these naked black bois, the choice seemed obvious!
For those who worry about which (if any) of these pics have been “photo shopped”… save your time. We think the boys are beautiful and frankly don’t give a rats’ ass whether the pics have been altered 🙂 David

Dude. Check out this black boy bling!

We mentioned earlier how attached Chance is to Cal and how he’s becoming a smaller version of him. It’s the same with Travon and Keon. Tra walks like Keon, talks like him and laughs like him. Keon always wears a gold neck chain with a cross pendant. So, of course, Tra wears a gold neck chain with a cross pendant. We tease them – calling it “black boy bling.” It’s fascinating to watch the kids’ personalities develop.
I asked Ben who he thought Dub would emulate. He just chuckled and said “No way Dub’s gonna be like anyone else. He’ll always be his own unique Dub-self.” I’m sure he’s right about that 🙂

After having taken a few days off from Jeopardy while Bill Whitaker finished up his guest-hosting, we’re excited about the Tournament of Champions and Buzzy Cohen starting Monday. After Katie Couric, “Dr.” Oz, and Bill Whitaker, we feel we’ve earned it!