…you’re never fully dressed…without a smile…

After Rick’s Friends Friday post of “black boys,” and his comment about Keon’s amazing smile, Ben and I talked about it and decided a post of smiling black dudes would be good. These guys have some wonderful smiles… but, we promise, none more wonderful than Keon’s!

Those of you who appreciate black dudes may want to hop over to the video blog and check out today’s posts. Some nice stuff there, we think 🙂

A pretty good “Keon look-alike”

After our Friends Friday post of “Beautiful Black Boys” (or “Beautiful Black DUDES, if you prefer), Bill S. commented, saying:
“{Now to the post…. I think I’ll try to imagine who looks most like Keon! (-;”
In response, “bw” said:
“I second that request – at least one of these hunky men must resemble our friend Keon.”
Actually, none of the guys in the post really looks all that much like Keon to me. The thing is, he has this ELECTRIC smile and you almost never see him without it. So, here’s a pic of a dude I’ve always thought looks a LOT like my hubby (even though Keon’s skin is a bit darker, which I think is COOL). This guy has a very similar smile – and yes… Keon’s abs look just like this. He and I don’t go to a gym, but we work out for about 45 minutes every day. We use a modified form of the “1 and 1 Workout” shown here.
So, mystery solved, and now you know. He is, indeed beautiful in so many ways!

A Friday flashback to black!

So, after dropping Dub off with Angie last Friday… and coming home and getting naked and having sex with David in the hot tub – then again in bed – I asked him what we should do with a week alone without Dub.
He said, “We should do whatever we want. We should probably be loud and naked and fuck a lot… and do things we can’t do with a three-year-old in the house. We could start by having some guys over.”
So, of course, I called Keon and asked what he and Ricky were doing. I told him I’d left Dub with Angie and he’d be gone for a week. Keon said, “I guess that’s cool. As long as it’s just a week. Any more than that could fuck up the little dude, and that’d be bad. But maybe while Dubs’ away, we could have some fun.”
I asked him what he had in mind.
He said he had a young friend named Jekeil who’s on his soccer team. Said Jekeil had been asking him a lot of questions about him and Rick… and bein’ queer and havin’ sex with dudes… and stuff like that.
So, Keon said maybe he and Rick could bring Jekeil over for dinner Saturday evening. He said, “We’ll bring BBQ from Smokin’ Guns and “greens” for a salad… and see what happens.”
I said it sounded like fun – and we’d see them Saturday.
So David and I spent Saturday being naked around the house and doing our laundry and other chores… and just enjoying being together doing the stuff we usually do on the weekend.
Keon, Rick and Jekeil showed up at about six. I was startled when I saw Jekeil because he looks like he’s about 15 or 16. I pulled Keon aside and said, “Dude. How old is Jekeil?” He grinned and said, “He’s 18.” I said, “You sure?” He said, “Positive. He’s on my soccer team and they do a good job of checking guys ages. They check school records and drivers’ licenses and sometimes even require a birth certificate. You can’t play in our league unless you’re 18. I know he looks real young, but I’m positive he’s 18.”
So — that settled — we all drank a bunch of Apple Cider Margaritas made with more tequila than cider… and had BBQ with a big salad loaded with Keon’s special “greens” and sat around and mellowed out and talked for a while.
Then Keon said, “I think we should show Jekeil your new hot tub.”
So we went down to the patio and took the cover off the hot tub and David, Keon, Rick and I started taking our clothes off. Jekeil just sat in a lounge chair and watched while we all got naked and jumped into the hot tub. Keon looked at him and said, “Come on, man. The waters great!”
Jekeil took a couple more drinks of his margarita – sort of blushed – if a black dude can blush – and got up and started taking his clothes off. He did it slowly – like he wasn’t sure if he should be doing what he was doing… but when he finally pulled off his boxer shorts, his dick popped up… hard and kind of leaky… and he grinned and hopped into the hot tub with us.
After a few minutes, we were all over Jekeil… kissing and rubbing .. and playing with his cute little ass… and licking his pits… and feeling his hard dick.
Finally, after all the attention, Jekeil said, “Fuck, fuck, fuck… I’m gonna fuckin’ blow. Fuck. fuck. fuck…Here it comes.”
And blow he did. A huge load that David and Keon and I lapped up like hungry little puppies while Ricky kissed him and licked his pits.
So, we spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub – and eventually got out and dried off and came back in the house… and had some more apple cider and smoked one of Keon’s joints… and got on a quilt on the floor and sucked and fucked and did a whole bunch of crazy shit like that.
Anyway… we don’t know if Jekeil is gay – or bi-sexual – or just a really horny little black fucker. Doesn’t matter.
For one night – in the hot tub – after some drinks and pot – Jekeil was a really, really happy kid.
I guess that’s all that matters.