Dude. Check out these butt naked black haired boys!

Hi, guys. It’s Ben. Lots happening here at the lake, but I’m going to keep this as short as possible.
After our gang get-together last weekend over and Ty and Damien’s place, Chad called me and said “Did you see Silas with the kids? He’s amazing. We need to hire him.” So I texted Dr. C. and sent him a short video showing Silas with the kids and playing the guitar and everyone singing along. Dr. C texted back and said “If you want to hire him, do it.” I texted back and asked him to run a background check and he said he’d do that.
Silas stayed at the lake Monday through Wednesday while he and Dante looked for a place to live. They ended up signing a 6-month least on a furnished condo and plan to move during Christmas break. On Wednesday, Dr. C. texted me saying “Silas checked out perfectly. He has a B.S. in education with a major in science and minors in physical education and music education. Nothing negative showed up. No criminal record – just one traffic violation for doing 48 mph in a 35 mph zone.”
So, Wednesday evening David and I invited Dante and Silas over for dinner. David made grilled chicken kabobs with onions, mushrooms, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and lots of asparagus. It’s one of Dub’s favorite dinners and we (the adults) washed them down with margaritas.
After Dub had gone to bed, we asked Dante and Silas if they’d like to try out our hot tub and they both said “YES.” So we broke out the pot pipe, made a new batch of margaritas and headed out to the tub. When we got there, I said “We don’t want to embarrass you guys or anything, but we usually just get in the hot tub naked.” Both the guys grinned and we all got our clothes off and hopped in. (Here’s a quick observation… I honestly believe Silas has the most beautiful uncut dick I’ve ever seen. It’s a thing of absolute beauty).
Anyway, Dr. C offered Silas the job and he’ll be joining Chad and me at school when the new semester begins in January. We’ll have eight new T.A.G. kids (all fully inoculated) enrolling in our school for the spring semester so it’ll be great having Silas teaching with us.
So that’s what’s been happening here. We’re excited about having the kids first covid shots behind us (only minor reactions – nothing of consequence) and are planning a big Thanksgiving… and an even bigger FAMILY Christmas. xoxo Ben and David