It’s a “Friends Friday” look at the Black Rose Photography blog!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the amazing work of “Black Rose Photography.” If you’d like to further explore the gallery, the blog link is:
We should warn those of you who may be a bit squeamish when looking at pics of females, there are quite a lot of them on the blog. Having said that, there are tons of beautiful dudes there… so… if you visit… just skip the ladies and enjoy!

Keon and I got some of the best news ever this week. Our attorney convinced the people in the prosecuting attorneys office to offer Travon’s birth mother a reduced charge on her arrest – in exchange for relinquishing her parental rights. They offered to drop the “attempt to distribute” part. Our attorney said she signed the agreement without a second thought. The agreement means she “cannot see or talk with him again until he is at least 18 years old.”
This doesn’t make our adoption a “sure thing,” but it sure clears the way. Of course, we haven’t told Travon anything about it – and won’t – but (with the possible exception of our wedding day) Keon and I have never been happier!