Check it out, dude. Men in Black!

Since we’re doing a new series of “Colors” posts, we thought we’d broaden our horizons a bit. Before last Saturday, we’d never done a “White” post and interestingly, I find we’ve never done a “Black” one either. So, today, “Black” it is. I’m not sure why… but this is one of my favorite “Colors” posts ever. Hope you guys like it as much as I do 🙂

It’s a “Friends Friday” look at some black boy boxer bulges!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. This wasn’t a planned post… it just sort of happened… but its ended up being one of my fav posts ever. The deal is, when we’re home, Keon lives in a baggy tee shirt, boxer briefs and flip flops. Travon loves us both, but he absolutely worships Keon. He mimics everything Keon does. I swear, he’s beginning to talk like Keon… walk like Keon and even smile like Keon. So, of course we got him some baggy tee shirts and boxer briefs and flip flops to wear around the house.
David and Ben say they think Travon sort of won the life lottery when we adopted him. He’s in an environment filled with love (plus Max and Muff) and I’m sure no boy ever had a better role model than my husband!

Dude. Give it a rest!

We invited Erik to go to the lake with us for the Memorial day holiday, but he couldn’t come because they had family visiting. Dub told us he was really bummed. So, Pam and Mark asked the boys if they’d like to go camping the next weekend. They were excited about it, so Dub, Austin and Travon joined Erik and his family for a few days camping and canoeing at Montauk State Park.
Since Ben and I had the house to ourselves, we asked Keon and Rick if they’d like to “camp out” at our house for the weekend. They said “Sure.” So, they came over and spent Saturday and Sunday at our house. Keon brought a bag of smoke – we made up a big pitcher of margaritas – got naked and headed to the hot tub. When Keon took off his clothes, Ben said “Damn. Dude. Is that thing still growing?” Rick said, “You should see him in the bathroom. When he shaves and brushes his teeth he lays his dick on the counter. Says he’s just ‘givin’ it a rest.'” Ben said, “You’re just bragging,” and we all laughed.
It was an amazing “adults only” weekend with the four of us staying naked and doing what gay naked dudes do. We LOVE being parents and all that… but DAMN. It’s good to occasionally indulge in some good old nekid debauchery!