Dude. It’s an “after party” party!

So, we had Dub’s birthday party… and there was a big crowd… and we made pizzas and drank wine and Dub opened lots of gifts for “toys for tots.” Dub was thrilled that Shelby was here and he took her all over the house showing her his cards and room and plants… and introducing her to the dogs and rattling on endlessly. She’s a neat person and Dub obviously thinks she’s wonderful. In all, everyone had a good time and it was, maybe one of the best parties we’ve had here at the house. It seemed to me that every time I looked up, I saw Spence and Alex talking and laughing and having a good time. Eventually, the party slowed and the grandparents headed back to Springfield. Then, everyone started to leave… and Dub, Erik and Austin headed off with Ty and Damien for their big movie night in the new media room. So there was just David and me and Rick and Keon and Alex and Spence left here. We talked for a while and Keon said he thought we should do some tequila shots, so we got some salt and tequila and lemon slices and had at it. It was lick the salt – down a shot – then bite a lemon. So, we did a few rounds and Keon pulled out some joints and we toked up and just sort of mellowed out for a while. We were just sitting in the living room and Rick said, “Hey, Spence, are you gay, or what?” Spence looked kind of embarrassed and didn’t say anything, and I said, “Rick. Be nice.” And Rick said, “I’m being nice. I just asked Spence if he was gay.” And Spence said, “Well, my sister wanted me to meet you guys – and I knew you were gay – so I came to the party – and, it was fun – and when everyone started to leave, I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay here and hang out. And I probably shouldn’t say this, but I think Alex is maybe the cutest boy I’ve ever met- not just because he’s good looking, but because of how he is with you guys and Dub . So, I guess if liking gay guys and having a kind of thing for Alex makes me gay, maybe I am – or could be.” Alex just looked at Spence and grinned. So, Keon stood up and started taking his clothes off and said, “I’m goin’ to the hot tub. Anyone want to come with me?” So, in about two minutes we were all naked and in the hot tub and passing a joint around, and, in a little while I looked over and saw Spence and Alex kissing. Not like casual kissing – but like serious tongue-swallow kissing. Then we were all kissing… and after a while we came back in the house – spread a quilt out on the living room floor and let nature take its’ course. I’m guessing Spence and Alex are gonna be really good friends – and maybe a whole lot more. It was an amazing day!

Fuck yeah. Blondes!

Mystery solved. He’s “Vincent Thomas”

Isn’t the internet amazing? I posted this yesterday:
“Here’s a comment we received from “Tom” yesterday:
“I asked you if you knew the name of this guy when you posted another pic of him a while back and I was wondering if you now had his name from this posting. Excuse me for bugging you with this but I am obviously obsessed.
Best and thanks”
Here’s our posted response to “Tom’s” earlier comment:
“hey, Tom… don’tknow the model’s name but I’m 95% certain he was a William Higgins model – if that’s any help. The cock and EYES are pretty much unforgettable.
If any of you guys know anything about this blond dude – please let us know. It’s obviously very important to “Tom,” and we’re curious ourselves.”
Our friend, Jeil identified him, saying:
“His name is VINCENT THOMAS and I have some pics of him for almost 10 years…
CHEERS from Montréal.”
And a new (to us) viewer named “Gibs” commented with this link:
So, we’re going to post the 17 pics from the link Gibs provided.
Now, one more question. The last photo is labeled “Vincent Thomas Issue #5.” Does anyone know what magazine posted these photos?
And, Jeil, if you have more pics of this dude, we’d love to see them.
Our e-mail is : buffboi@juno.com
Thanks, guys!