Dude. Check out these butt-buddies!

Silas told you about the party at our house last Saturday, and Bills commented “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO DAVID and BEN! Number 9 ALREADY!— p.s., Is that what Saturday’s party was celebrating?” Thanks for remembering our anniversary, Bill.
Actually, it was Dub’s idea to have a “Red Ripple party.” Our kids followed the election and we were all happy the predicted “Red Wave” (or even “Red Tsunami”) didn’t happen. It’s interesting that the number of young people who voted in the mid-terms increased 9% over the last election and was in no small part responsible for many Democratic victories. Ben and I have great faith in the younger generation and think they’re our best hope for the continuation of democracy in our Country.
On another topic, we had an e-mail from our good friend “Beto” telling us he’s recovering from a bad bout of covid. We’re thinking of you, Beto and remembering you in our prayers. Get well soon, babe. We love you!

Dude. You can leave your sneakers on!

Those of you who have been following UnrulyDude for a while know that two of my favorite things are sneakers and boy butts. Individually, they’re wonderful. Together, they’re absolutely breath-taking. So here you go. Sneakers and boi butts. What could possibly be better? ! xox David

Dude. Nothin’ better than a little grab-ass!

Sometimes, David and I will be just standing somewhere and I’ll feel his hand on my butt. Not rough or demanding… just gentle and like it’s us… just being David and Ben and understanding how much a simple touch can mean.

We’ve just started our second week of school and it’s a whole new experience. We have a new school building with six full-time teachers plus one part-time (Janette). Chad says we have twelve and a half teachers because Dub, Bella, Travon and the other kids are all busy helping us teach the new kids.
Our school is different than most. We don’t have grades… as in first, second, third, etc. All our kids are just students on various levels of accomplishment. Travon, for example is level five (highest) in math, arts and Spanish, but level two in English and communications. The kids go to classrooms determined by their achievement level. It’s a bit confusing at first, but they catch on quickly and they’re always learning – and being challenged at their current level.
We had a wonderful Labor Day holiday at the “hawks nest” with literally everyone here. The grandparents loved having the kids in Springfield for a few days and it was an excellent break for the kids (and dads 🙂 ). It’s hard to believe summer is almost over and fall is about to arrive. I love the crisp, cool, fresh mornings and a chance to pull out the jeans and flannel shirts. It won’t be long before it’s time for pumpkin pie and hot buttered run. Love you guys. Ben