Sad time in the Northland

Sorry we haven’t been posting lately, guys. It’s been a rough few days.
About 4 o’clock last Tuesday morning, David and I woke up with Dub yelling “Dad. Bono needs help. Dad. Bono needs help real bad.” We jumped up and ran to the kitchen where we found him holding Bono while he was having a seizure. He’d had three seizures in the past – spaced about six months apart – but they only lasted about 2 or 3 minutes each time. We’d taken him to our vet and discussed it and the vet didn’t recommend medication because the seizures were mild and spaced far apart and the possible drug side effects were bad. This time, the seizures wouldn’t stop. We asked Dub how long it’d been going on and he said “Don’t know. A long time.” So we all quickly threw on clothes and headed to a 24 hour emergency pet hospital. Dub and I were in the back seat holding him and he was seizing and David was breaking the speed limits, running lights, etc. Just before we got to the hospital, the seizing stopped and Bono relaxed. We rushed him inside and a pair of doctors took him into the back room. Dub said, “We’re too late. He didn’t make it.” In a few minutes, the doctors came out and confirmed what we really already knew. They said the seizures had probably caused a massive heart attack. He was gone.
Long story short, we took him and had him cremated. The people at the pet crematorium suggested a number of nice urn choices. We asked Dub what he thought we should do. He said, “Doesn’t matter. It’s just ashes. Bono’s already in Heaven.” So, we had his ashes put in a plain cardboard box.
We had a little service for him on Saturday – out by a farm pond where we’d walked the dogs a lot. It was Bono’s favorite place for walks and there are usually geese on the pond. Our entire Northland gang was there and the grandparents. We all told “Bono stories” and held hands and scattered his ashes in the field (it’s probably illegal, but we had the landowner’s permission). And then we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. And it was done.
Of course we’re still hurting. I keep thinking about “Casey” and wishing “bw” was here so we could give him a big hug. We know he understands how we feel. The house seems really empty, and Bebe seems just kind of lost.
I’m going to break our firm rule about not posting personal photos on URD. Just couldn’t not do it.