Dude. Check out these bodacious bumps!

We realize it’s only been a couple of weeks since our last “underwear” post, but with Alex’ acknowledgement of his love of undies, we thought, “Hell, why not another?” Since I’m not overly fond of either socks or undies, this (and yesterday’s) posts are just kind of pre-holiday gifts for Cal and Alex. Hope you guys will enjoy this trip down a bumpy road 🙂

Cal and Bella got home last Friday evening – after a trip of about 25 total hours from Australia. We knew they’d be really tired from the trip so we didn’t bother them that evening. Saturday, Cal called and asked if David, Dub and I would like to go to dinner with them. We said “Sure,” and we’d meet them at 54th Street Grill over at Zona Rosa at seven. We got there first and got a table… just in time to see them walk in – Cal and Alex both holding hands with Bella and all three grinning from ear-to-ear. When they got to the table, Alex said “Bella. These are our special friends David, Ben and Dub. After hugs, Dub told Bella “You can call them Unca David and Unca Ben if you want to.” She said “And call you Unca Dub.” For once, Dub was speechless and he actually blushed (first time any of us had ever seen that). He finally said, “Naw. I’m just Dub.”
As we ate, Cal and Bella told us all about the Court hearing, Bella’s grandparents and the trip home. We were amazed how outgoing and “chatty” Bella was for a three-year old, After dinner, Dub showed her pics on his I-Pad. Pics of the dogs… his garden… Ms Pam… Unca Keon and Unca Rick, Austin and Erik… the dogs… our house… his room… his plants… his grandparents… the streetcar… the “caps wall” and the various other things that make up our little corner of the World. Bella seemed interested in all of it – but especially the dogs. She kept saying “See the puppies again.” So Dub would find more pics of them to show her. We’d invited them to our house for Sunday dinner and promised she’d meet the pups then. I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow.