Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Larry. Happy birthday to you!

Today is Larry’s birthday and with this post, we’re wishing him the healthiest, happiest, most wonderful birthday ever.
Larry is maybe the best example of what being a member of our URD family means. We know he’s not into the hairy, pierced, tattooed, nasty, raunchy dudes we normally post – but he puts up with us because he’s our friend – and because he knows we love him. We do love you, Larry. Hope these mostly hairless, unpierced, non-tattooed sweet boys will make your birthday bright, happy and special! xox. David and Ben.

Boys bein’ Boys

I love these silly, candid pics. I’m guessing most of the boys are straight – or think they are – and probably a lot of ’em have had a beer or two (?)… but they’re cute and fun to look at.

Dude. Look. Boy fuzz!

Had a suggestion from “Hungdirty” saying: “Awesome pics as usual. Love it all man. You should post young hairy boys.”
Sounded good to me. Heck, everyone likes young, hairy boys. So here’s a post that’s loaded with fuzz. Thanks for the suggestion, babe!