It’s a “Friends Friday look at HOT boi butts!

Hi, guys. It’s Rick. Keon likes to give me a hard time about the way I’m always looking at guys’ butts. At the gym. On the street. Just about everywhere. I kind of can’t help it. I just think they’re SOOO pretty. (NONE prettier that my hubby’s). So, this week, I’ve been looking a “boi butts” on-line and have come up with some I think are just totally YUMMY! All these boys have pretty tushes – quite a few have nice “tush bushes” – and all are “naked from head-to-toe.” I’m thinking about doing more “boi butt” posts with different themes in the coming weeks. Hope you enjoy looking at boi butts as much as I do 😉

This is “tax free weekend” here in Missouri so David, Ben, Dub, Keon, Travon and I spent yesterday out shopping for school supplies and clothes. If you can believe it, it’s the first time we’ve bought new clothes for Travon (except underwear and sox). It’s just that Dub, Austin and Erik have given him so many “hand-me-downs” we haven’t needed to buy him new stuff. I think he was pleased to get to pick out some new things for himself. Of course, we got him new tennies – and, of course they’re “light ups.”
I want to tell you how wonderful the grandparents are. They’ve accepted Travon like their own grandchild and treat him with exactly the same love and affection they have for Dub. While they were in Springfield, Pop-pops bought him an i-phone (with our permission). He set it up with strict parental controls and has it on his monthly billing plan (along with Dub’s). It’s a big deal to Travon and he’s been calling his “Nonni” (Angie’s Mom) quite a bit. He’s crazy about her and “Coco” and she’s helping him teach Max some of Coco’s tricks. She sent him home with a bag of “mini dog treats” to use in training and he’s really dedicated to it. So far, they have “sit” and “stay” down pat, and now they’re working on “speak.”
He’s very excited about the start of school on Monday and, of course we’re excited for him!