Thinking about our friend “Beto”

We had an e-mail last week from Beto, saying (in part) “Cléo my little furry sister” passed away this morning. She was 18 years old and had cancer and couldn’t make it through another surgery. We’re devastated by this separation, but will try to find strength in the countless happy memories we have of her. I’ll be off for a while.”
Those of us who have lost beloved pets know what they’re going through, and understand there’s nothing we can say or do that would really help. Of course, this immediately makes us think of Jingle and Bill and others (including David, Dub and me) and the sadness of losing a special pet/friend. Please join us as we think of them and send our love.

Dub is seven. Oh, my goodness. OH, MY GOODNESS!

You’re probably thinking “What tha F… are these pics doing on a gay porn blog?” Good question. It’s because it’s Dub’s 7th birthday and he’s growing every day and sometimes we wish we could slow down time. He’s surely one of the most interesting little dudes ever. He’s a kid when he’s watching “Toy Story” movies, reading “Sky Raiders,” roughhousing with Buzz or getting hysterical over farts with Austin – but he’s very “grown up” when it comes to school work, his daily chores or working at the animal shelter. Whatever he’s doing, he’s a JOY and we thank God every day for allowing us to be part of his life.

Dub doesn’t know it, but there’s going to be a birthday party for him at his school today. There’ll be cake and ice cream – and one of the school secretaries has organized a “card shower.” We understand that one of the art classes even spent a day making birthday cards for him. We know he’ll be thrilled. David, Dub and I will celebrate his big day at home tonight and I’m sure his Mom and Grandparents will Skype with him.
We asked him what he’d like to do for his special day and he said he’d like a pizza party here at the house with all our family and friends, so we’re doing that on Saturday (celebrating his and David’s birthdays). All the Northland gang will be here plus the grands and a bunch more. It’ll be a CROWD, so we’re making it an open house “from 3 p.m. till whenever,” with a “make your own pizza and salad bar.” We’ll update you after the big day 🙂