Check it out, dude. Bunch of bratty little fuckers!

A few days ago, “bill S” (our requester-in-chief) commented, saying:
“#8 should have been in a “Brats” file. When was the last “Brats” post? Wait! Is that A POST-REQUEST? (-;”
Well… probably.
Mainly ain’t nothin’ better than bratty little fuckers doing what bratty little fuckers do 🙂 Thanks for the request, babe. Got us thinking!

Buncha bratty little fuckers!


Last September, our friend “Bill S” asked for a post of “brats.” So I posted some bratty little dudes for him. Then, last week when I was working on an “Attitude” post, I noticed how many of the guys with attitude looked like brats. So here you go, guys, BRATTITUDE!