Dude. It’s “Friends Friday” and we’re asking: Who’s your fav “Porn Pup”?

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Our friend “bw” often mentions his favorite “Porn Pups”… and that got us thinking about how probably every gay guy has one or more favorites of his own.
So, that got us thinking about doing a series of pics of YOUR favorite “Porn Pups.” If you’ll tell us who your favorite is, we’ll try to do a post of his pics. Now…when we say “Porn Pup” we don’t mean just young dudes. We don’t care if it’s a youngster (over 18!) – or a dude in his 30’s, 50’s or any age. Smooth or hairy… twink or older… big dick or small. If Brent Everett or Jimmy Fanz or Zack Randall is your fav, let us know. If it’s some lesser-known dude, that’s great too. We think it could be great fun! If you can’t decide on a personal favorite, let us know and we’ll try to pick one for you.
To start it off, we’re taking the liberty of selecting a “Porn Pup” for our buddy “Beto.” It’s Brock Matthews and for some reason, his pics just scream “Beto” to us.
All we “know” about Brock is he’s referred to as a “French twink” and has done a number of scenes for Bentley Race.
Come on guys. Let’s have fun with this. Tell us who your favorite “Porn pup” is – and we’ll take it from there!

Keon, Travon, Max and I had a wonderful time at the Lake last weekend. Just the four of us going there was Tra’s idea and it proved to be a great one. We went down Friday afternoon and when we got there, Carol had left us a note saying she’d “aired out” the cabin and put clean sheets on our beds. She also said she’d left brownies on the kitchen counter (and some “adult ones” on the top shelf of an upper cabinet). She and Jim also left us their “crank ice cream maker, her ice cream recipe and all the ingredients. They’re amazing friends!
We had dinner out in the rock garden… read a book… and turned in early. Saturday, we took the boat out and had lunch over at the floating cafe. Tra wanted to do some wake boarding and (after about ten tries) we managed to get him up on a wake board at the same time I was up on skis. Keon took about a hundred pics! When we got back, Tra said he saw some fish under the dock. He wanted to “teach us” how to fish and we promised we’d do that on Sunday. After we all showered (to wash off the lake water) we made crank ice cream, had dinner out in the rock garden and read another book. After Tra and Max went to bed, Keon and I ate some “adult brownies” drank some margaritas and had sex outside. We didn’t get to bed until nearly 1:00 a.m.
Sunday morning, Tra and Max came into our room at six o’clock, jumped in bed with us and said “Get up. Get up. It’s time to go fishing.” Keon and I weren’t crazy about getting up that early, but we did. When we got down to the dock, Tra told us what kind of jigs to use and we started fishing. Amazingly, in about two minutes, Tra caught a big crappie. So we kept at it and we eventually caught 9 more. Of course we took about a hundred pics and texted them to Chad. He texted back and said he couldn’t believe it. He said “everyone knows you don’t catch crappie at Table Rock in August.” We filleted the crappie – cooked about half for lunch – and froze the rest. After that, we closed up the cabin and headed home. The weekend was a HUGE success. Spending time with just the four of us is something we’ll never forget!