Thank you.

A few days ago, we had a comment from “Denny NYC” saying:
“And, may I also say here, Ben, your tender fatherly touch toward Dub just melted my heart. At 3, his mind is like a sponge, ready to learn about everything he can. Before you have to take him home, I hope you get a chance to read to him – little storybooks about different animals, and vegetables and pictures and stories of all kinds. Sit him down beside you on the sofa, open up a book, and I bet you he will be spellbound. Maybe get him a little backpack to take them home in.”
I thought it was an absolutely wonderful idea… so, when I got home from school yesterday, I took Dub over to Barnes and Noble to look for books for us to read together. We got to Dr. Seuss pretty quickly and Dub picked out “Green eggs and ham” and “One fish, two fish, three fish, blue fish.” I didn’t want his reading to be limited to Dr. Seuss, so I picked out “The pigeon needs a bath” and “Elephants cannot dance.”
Of course, I’ve read the Dr. Seuss books, but I’m kind of excited to read the others. It’s like a new thing Dub and I can share. Honestly, I think Dub is the neatest thing that’s ever happened to David and me.
We’re impossibly excited about the kid… and the puppies are hopelessly in love with him.
And now, I’m hating the idea of getting a call from Angie saying she’s ready to bring him home. When she calls… of course, we’ll do whatever is best for Dub. How could we not?
Thank you to all you guys who have offered ideas and support for David and Dub and me.
You know, we post pics of naked dudes on this blog every day… and we love that and think it’s cool… and love your comments and get all horned up looking at ’em…but that’s really not what it’s about, It’s about life… and bumps in the road… and our friends who comment (and those who check in but don’t) and your support.
We’ve been through a lot – but with your friendship and encouragement, we’re gonna make it.
How could we not?
Thank you. We love you guys!