Dude. Double your pleasure!

Double your pleasure
Double your fun
with double good
double butt
double butt YUM!

And it isn’t even Tim’s or Bill’s birthday 🙂

Check it out, dude. Furry bubble butts!

Back on April 25th, “bw” commented, saying:
“I think you are on to something – a treasure trail post – some thin and light colored, others dark and lush, others covering the belly. What do you think?”
“Denny” also commented on April 25th, saying:
“bw, your comments are making me horny.😊. Great idea you have for a post- not just trails but furry bubble butts and man tits with a halo of wispy curly sexy hairs. Yeah Baby!”
David and I talked about it and we thought this really was three posts. 1. Treasure trails; 2. Furry bubble butts; and 3. Man tits (with a halo of wispy curly sexy hairs).
So, we did the “treasure trails” post on April 26th… and now, it’s time for some “Furry bubble butts.” Actually… some of these are “furry” and some are “bubbles,” and some “furry bubbles.” Hope you guys like ’em. All we have to say is S L U R R R P P P ! ! !

Just totally bubblicious!