Dude. What’s the story?

I’m going to tell you about something that happened last weekend. I’m not going to try to explain it because neither Ben nor I can explain it. It’s just “Dub being Dub” and it just “is what it is”.
Saturday morning about 10:30, Chad called to tell us “Bud” (their Brittany Spaniel) was missing. He’d been in his outdoor pen and when Raef went to get him he wasn’t there. The gate was shut and he checked to make sure he hadn’t dug out (he can’t). He was just gone. He thought maybe some of the neighborhood kids might have let him out (not likely) or worse, that some “asshole who wanted a bird dog to take hunting” might have stolen him. Obviously they were very upset. Within an hour, the entire Northland gang was at Chad and Raef’s looking for him. Some of us were walking the neighborhood and others were driving all over the area looking. About 2 o’clock, Keon went to Culvers for sandwiches and we ate quickly and continued looking. That’s when Dub told Ben and me we needed to go get “Buzz” He said “He can find him.” We were skeptical, but Dub insisted so Ben took him over to our house to get Buzz. When they got back, Dub took him to Bud’s crate to let him poke around – then took him out to the pen and let him run around sniffing. Then he sat down cross-legged with him in the pen and talked to him before they set off walking the neighborhood looking. About a half hour later, Dub came back but didn’t have Buzz with him. I said “Where’s Buzz?” He said “I turned him loose so he could go find him.” I said “Dub, I don’t think you should have done that.” Dub said, “Dad, he’s Unca Chad’s dog. I had to. Besides, he knows his way home.”
So, we all kept looking and put up “lost dog” posters with Bud’s picture and our phone numbers all over the area. Finally, about six o’clock it was too dark to keep looking, so we came home. When we got here, Dub fixed Bebe’s dinner while I made a salad and some pizzas and Ben stayed on the phone with our friends. While we were eating, we tried to keep a conversation going, but Dub wasn’t talking and just kept pushing his salad around in the bowl. We knew he was worried about the dogs but he wasn’t talking so we didn’t push it. As Ben and I were finishing dinner, Dub jumped straight up out of his chair and ran to the door yelling “They’re coming. They’re coming.” Ben and I (and Bebe) joined him on the front porch but there was so sign of Buzz and Bud. We just stood there waiting and Dub kept saying “They’re coming.” And, sure enough, after about five minutes, we saw them running across the yards toward us. Dub went running out and dropped to his knees and kept hugging Buzz and saying “Good boy. Good boy.”
Both dogs were covered in mud and “stick-tights” and they smelled really awful so Ben and Dub took them straight to the tub while I called Chad to tell them the dogs were home. He and Raef got here in about ten minutes.
As I said, we can’t explain what happened. We have no idea where Bud was or how Buzz found him. All we can say is we’re glad the dogs are back home… and once again, Ben and I are without words to describe our amazing son!