Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” visit with some Unruly April fools!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick and Keon. We saw BillS’s comment earlier this week, saying:
“This Saturday is April Fool’s Day. I think a good post would be:
“Unruly Fools”
Dudes being goofy, silly AND Unruly!!!
I guess your “requester-in-chief” is only semi-retired. LOL XOXO”
We thought it was a great idea, so we got to work on it right away. Here you go, Bill – and all you other Unruly April fools out there in URD-land. A bunch of boys being foolish on April 1st!

Not queer or nothin’… just best buds!

I had a call from our attorney this afternoon. We’re meeting at one o’clock tomorrow to talk about a new settlement offer from the insurance company. He didn’t give me any details but sounded very positive. Hope it goes well!

Haul it out, bitch. It’s trash day!

Hell… every redneck dude needs a best bud.