Dude. Check out these bulges, dickprints and v.p.l.’s!

Here’s a comment we received from “bw” yesterday:
“I hesitate to suggest a post, but this one inspired it, sort of. Everyone here at URD has been known to check dudes out if they are bulging, and trying not to get caught. Then Saturday I saw a throwback picture of Edgar and Johnny Winter (Johnny died 7 years ago Friday) and they are both in jeans, both pretty gifted boys, and both hanging to the right (All you younguns – Google the Edgar Winter Group). So my suggestion – a visible penis line post (or as the kids today call it a “dickprint”). And not staged for TikTok or Twitter – Real dudes showing a real bulge. I know this is a lot of work and a lot to ask, but I think it would be a fun post.”
Bill… please don’t ever “hesitate to suggest a post.” Post requests are our absolute favorite thing. This one was especially fun, so THANK YOU for a fun post suggestion! xoxo

Jingle e-mailed us pic #07 within minutes of Bill’s request. Thanks, babe!

Undies, dude. Tighty whities!

We had about 4 inches of snow on the ground by Saturday afternoon, so of course Dub and Austin wanted to get in the hot tub and make snow angels on the deck. David and I told them it’d be O.K.- and before we knew it, Travon, Bella and Chance had joined us so all five kids (plus David and I) were in the hot tub. When Chance and Bella arrived, Dub grinned and said “Hey, Izzie, you’ll freeze your tush off.” She looked at him and said “Worry about your own tush, bud.”
This was all new to Chance and we didn’t know what to expect from him, but he had great fun (except when he got in the tub after making a snow angel and yelled “My skin is on fire. My skin is burning!”
He’s a great little guy and pretty much “up” for whatever the other kids are doing 🙂

Yesterday, the gang all assembled over at Chad and Raef’s house for the Chiefs game with the Texans. Dub had gotten a new Chiefs cap with a Rally House gift card left over from Christmas. He wore it for “good luck,” but by the time the Texans were up 24-0, he had taken off the cap and put it out in the car. We were all nervous wrecks but Dub just said “It’ll be o.k. Patrick just needs to get ’em settled down so they can play. He was right – and they did – and the final score (51-31 Chiefs) had us all screaming and going nuts. What an unbelievable game it was! What incredible fun!


It’s been a long, busy Mothers Day, and a very nice one. I had talked with “Grams” last Tuesday and told her we were thinking about coming to Springfield for Mothers Day. She was really pleased, and said she hoped we’d be bringing her “other grandson” with us. She was talking about Travon, of course. The grands all think he’s their grandson same as Dub… and Travon loves his g-ma’s and g-pa’s.
So this morning, David, Dub, Rick, Keon, Travon and I loaded into David’s Pilot and headed to Springfield. David had made two lasagnas – a traditional ground beef and sausage – and a vegetable one made with zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, and onions (you probably know which one Dub liked). We also took salads, Italian bread, and two Chocolate-amaretti cakes that Keon and Rick made for the occasion. Gram had asked if it was o.k. with us for her to invite Jim and Carol to join us and I said “Of course,” – so she did and they did. Jim brought a freezer of “hand crank” vanilla ice cream to serve with the cake. It was a splendid day and everyone really enjoyed getting together. One side note: we went to Costco last week and bought some beautiful plastic plates, dessert plates and “silverware” to take with us, so cleanup was a snap and we left the house as clean as it was when we got there. Grams said that was the nicest gift we could have given her 🙂
It’s about a three hour drive each way, so we were all pretty “bushed” when we got home. It’ll be a full, busy school day tomorrow. We’re winding down the school year and it’s getting more and more difficult to keep the kids focused.
We hope all of you had good Mothers days – that you either spent with your mothers or remembering them with love and appreciation!