Dude. Break out the protein. It’s “bulking season.”

We received an e-mail from our buddy “Jingle” saying:
“Given that it’s nearly Winter, and “Bulking Season” is upon us, how about a post of big burly dudes?!?!” He included a pic (photo #1 here).
Since neither Ben nor I had ever heard of “bulking season,” we went to the Urban Dictionary and found this definition:
“Bulking Season: The season in which someone eats lots of food in an attempt to gain weight and thereby increase their muscle mass.”
I was a little concerned about the pic Jingle sent, so I wrote him, saying:
“Don’t want you to think we’re ignoring your suggestion for a “Bulking Season” post. We’re not. Just one thing. I think there’s about a 90% chance the dude’s balls are photoshopped in the pic you sent. You sure we should do a post based around a photoshopped pic? Let us know. K?”
Jingle replied, saying:
“I dunno… Believe me, I’ve studied and studied that pic!! haha. The shadow lines look right… And if someone was gonna photoshop; wouldn’t they have made them more balanced, symmetrical, and perfect??… As it is, those are lumpy, lop-sided, and WONDERFUL! Perhaps I’m letting my lust cloud my judgement, but I think they’re real!!”
Actually, we haven’t done a “muscles” post since 11-06-2013 – and that was in response to a request by our friend “Bill S.” for a post of “dudes working out at the gym. Showin’ how they get those “perfect” bods to look that way.”
So… here’s the post. Hope you guys like these “bulked-up muscular types.”
They’re kind of fun to look at 🙂