Ain’t nothin’ better than “butt selfies”

I can’t remember when (or IF) we’ve done two posts in one day, but here we go.
We hadn’t planned the earlier series post of “Moses” pics, but Jingle and Bill got us interested and it just sort of happened. Anyway, these “butt selfies” were what we’d planned to post today and we decided to just go ahead and do it. Our first “butt selfies” post was on Feb. 25, 2016 and was suggested by our buddy “Beto”. It’s become one of our favorite post subjects and we hope you guys enjoy this visit to the “nether regions.” 🙂

Dude. These boys have been framed butt naked!

Chad, Silas and I met Dr.C and the general contractor over at our new school yesterday afternoon. Construction has gone faster than expected and the first phase is going to be finished in time for summer school in June. We’ll do summer school with just our current students and then add more next fall. It’s a fabulous facility with a state of the art air purification system and every imaginable safety feature.
We appreciate Fred’s sending us an e-mail with information about Florida’s new “don’t say gay” legislation. It’s scary stuff and we assume Missouri will rush to pass a similar law. Fortunately, our school receives exactly ZERO funding from State and Federal sources so we’re free to teach whatever we feel is appropriate for our kids.
And here’s something interesting. Our school owns our current building (a repurposed dental office)… and won’t need it when we move to the new building. Chad, Silas and I were talking and Chad said “You know, if it’s going to be for sale, it would make a wonderful clubhouse for our Table Rock gang.” So we called Alex and and David and they loved the idea – then we met with Ty and Damien and they said they’d handle the purchase and financing. We talked with Dr.C and he said he felt sure we could arrange the sale/purchase. He’s going to meet with the board of directors to get their approval. So it looks like we’re going to have our own place where we can all get together. We have our attorneys working on the formation of an ownership entity. It’ll be called “Hawks Nest LLC” and will be owned equally by the 12 adult members of our gang. It’s exciting stuff 🙂

Dude. Ain’t Nothin’ better than “butt selfies” !

We were putting together Wednesday’s “gay art selfies” post and it seemed like everywhere we looked in our folders there were “butt selfie” pics. Then, we checked and noticed we haven’t done a “butt selfies” post since December, 2017. It’s for sure time for another!

Chance’s Cochlear Implant surgery is scheduled for 6:00 a.m. next Tuesday. His medical team says it’s a 3-4 hour procedure. Dub and I will be at the hospital with Chance, Alex and Cal. Chance calls or texts Dub every day with questions about the surgery. David says Dub has apparently been designated “Consultant-in-Chief” due to his extensive surgical experience (appendectomy). Actually, Dub and Chance have spent hours and hours on-line studying Cochlear implants and know a lot about them – and what to expect. There’s a four to six week wait after surgery before the implants will be turned on.
We’re all really excited for Chance and the prospect of his being able to hear. He’s a terrific kid and deserves the best!