Dude. That’s a nice raphe. Bet you like havin’ it licked. Bet our birthday boy would be happy to help you with that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIM!

Happy birthday to our good friend (and fellow Missourian) Tim! Babe… thank you for being part of URD and for your comments and friendship. We wish you good health, good times with friends and family and every happiness on your birthday and throughout the coming years. We love you!

Tim’s birthday is on August 28th – as is Beto’s. Two birthdays on the same day present a bit of a posting problem for us because we want everyone to have a chance to extend birthday wishes. So… we’re doing Tim’s post a day early and Beto’s tomorrow. To be absolutely fair, next year we’ll reverse the order. Happy birthday, guys!

Dude. It’s the big day… time for some Super Bowl snacks!

With an apology to “Jingle” for not having this post up in time for his morning dark roast.

We’ll be heading over to Koala Cove in a little while – to get ready for our Super Bowl party. The entire gang will be there, of course and there’ll be food and excitement amid a sea of red. The kids want Mexican food, so there’ll be enchiladas, tostadas and tamales – as well as David’s famous fish tacos.
We won’t be able to use the Koala Cove clubhouse as our exclusive party place much longer because the owners will begin moving in over there March 1st. Alex says the first thing he’s going to build at Berry Farm Place is a clubhouse so we’ll have our own party place 🙂
We’re all pretty tense about the Super Bowl. We honestly believe Patrick Mahomes is the better quarterback (due in large part to Brady’s age) – and we think Andy Reid can out-coach Bruce Ariens… but you never know “how the ball will bounce.”
G O C H I E F S ! ! !

Dude. Ain’t Nothin’ better than “butt selfies” !

We were putting together Wednesday’s “gay art selfies” post and it seemed like everywhere we looked in our folders there were “butt selfie” pics. Then, we checked and noticed we haven’t done a “butt selfies” post since December, 2017. It’s for sure time for another!

Chance’s Cochlear Implant surgery is scheduled for 6:00 a.m. next Tuesday. His medical team says it’s a 3-4 hour procedure. Dub and I will be at the hospital with Chance, Alex and Cal. Chance calls or texts Dub every day with questions about the surgery. David says Dub has apparently been designated “Consultant-in-Chief” due to his extensive surgical experience (appendectomy). Actually, Dub and Chance have spent hours and hours on-line studying Cochlear implants and know a lot about them – and what to expect. There’s a four to six week wait after surgery before the implants will be turned on.
We’re all really excited for Chance and the prospect of his being able to hear. He’s a terrific kid and deserves the best!