Dude. You’re crackin’ us up!

Our last (and only) “butt cracks” post was on Sept. 20, 2017. We were welcoming Denny and Dave back from vacation at the time. These pics really are a voyeur’s delight!

The entire Northland gang went out to dinner yesterday evening. We were all suffering from a bit of “cabin fever” and too much college basketball on t.v. We were all seated at our table when I got a text from Alex who had just returned from the mens’ room. The text said “You need to go to the rest room – and on your way, check out one of the dudes sitting at the bar. He’s hunched over a beer and flashing about 3 or 4 inches of one of the prettiest hairy butt cracks you’re likely to ever see.” I promptly excused myself and headed to the mens’ room. The scenery was as lovely as Alex had promised, so when I returned to the table, I forwarded the text to David, who decided he too, needed to visit the mens’ room. By the time our food arrived, all of the guys had visited the mens’ room. You’d have thought we were all suffering from urinary tract infections or something 🙂

You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

Saturday was the boys’ monthly sleep-over at Austin’s house” Ty and Damien do a great job on this. They take the boys out to dinner – then to the “Main Event” for games – then the boys spend the night in the media room playing video games and watching movies. They even have a theater style popcorn maker the guys think is about the neatest thing since crank ice-cream. So, Austin, Dub, Erik and Travon had a big night for sure!
Since the boys were going to be gone, Ben and I invited Rick, Keon, Chad and Raef over for home-made pizza and to watch NFL games. Of course, Keon and Rick made the salad and put in a bunch of “special greens.” After the Bears heartbreaking loss to the Eagles, we made a huge pitcher of margaritas… grabbed some joints… and headed to the hot tub. We didn’t know what Raef would think about being naked with a bunch of dudes in the hot tub, but he seemed o.k. with it. After we’d been in the water for a while, he wanted to talk so we turned the pump down to “recirculate” so it wouldn’t be so loud. He said he’d never been around any gay guys before. Said he didn’t know what to expect – but he said “Hell. You’re just regular guys. I mean, you like sports and dogs and have kids and… umm…I don’t know. You’re just not what I thought gay guys would be like.” Keon grinned and said “What did you think gay guys would be like?” Raef thought for a couple of minutes and said, “I don’t know. I mean, I guess I thought you might be all swishy and dress up like girls and do stuff like that.” Keon said “Well. Sure we do that kind of stuff. But only when there’s a full moon.” We all laughed and had another drink. We asked Raef if he’d ever been married and he said he had been. Said it lasted almost five years but they broke up because he wanted kids and she wanted a career. He said it got to where all they were doing was fighting, so they called it quits.
Anyway, Raef said he didn’t think there was anything wrong with guys being gay. He said he guessed he could even understand dudes having sex with each other. He just didn’t think he could ever kiss another dude. He thought that would probably be too weird as far as he’s concerned. We turned the jets back on… drank and smoked some more… and after a while, Chad surprised us – (and Raef!!!) – by putting his arm around his neck and giving him a big, sloppy kiss- right on his mouth. It was real quiet for a while… then Raef had sort of a silly grin on his face and said “Fuck. I guess maybe I was wrong about that, too.” We all thought it was hilarious.
So – despite the Bears’ loss, it was a good evening. The whole gang is planning to get together over at Chad’s house for the Chiefs-Colts game on Saturday. There’s supposed to be snow. GO CHIEFS!

Check it out, dude. “Furry butts”!

This morning, commenting on yesterday’s “butt selfies” post, our buddy, “bw” said: “The only problem with these selfies is you can not tell which ones are furry – which leads me to request, someday, another post of furry butts – and I mean Ben quality furry butts and holes.”
So, I checked back and, amazingly, we haven’t had a “hairy butts” post since November, 2014. My bad. I guess maybe it’s because I get to look at Ben’s beautiful, hairy ass every day – and maybe I forget that at least some of you guys don’t have one of these to cuddle up with at night.
So here you go, babe. Hope there’s enough butt hair here to get your
motor running!
And, b.t.w., are you still going to send us a video link or two? If you send ’em, we’ll post ’em.