To catch a snowball…

Yesterday was a short day at school (administrative planning time), so Dub, Travon and I got home from school a little after noon. We had lunch and, since it was sunny and the temp was in the low 40’s, the boys were excited about playing outside in the snow. It was melting just enough to make it perfect for making snowballs, so a bunch of neighborhood kids showed up and they decided to make “snow forts” and have a battle. “Buzz” absolutely loves the snow and was in the big middle of the whole thing. The boys got their forts built and were throwing snowballs at one another and Buzz thought his job was to catch every snowball thrown. He’d run back and forth trying to catch them and we were all laughing and I pulled out my phone and started taking pics. Eventually, the boys got tired of the snowball fight and started making snowmen. Buzz kept wanting to play so Dub would make a snowball and toss it in the air and Buzz would catch it… and try to bring it back. Of course, all he got back with was a mouthful of water and some slobbers, but Dub was on his knees and telling him “Good boy, while David and I and some of the other parents looked on and laughed.
We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and agreed we’re thankful for boys and dogs and snow… and for a beautiful, cold afternoon in the Northland.

“A real good dog.”

In the short time “Buzz” has been with us, he’s become a big part of our family. It’s like from the minute he got here, he knew he was “home.” He’s Dub’s dog for sure… and they have a special bond that’s hard to describe. Dub sits cross-legged on the floor and whispers to him and he’s learned “sit” and “down” and “roll over” and “fetch” and “give,” and all without Dub ever saying a word to him. They do it strictly with hand signals. David says Buzz has been spending his days in his office. Says he lays over in the corner and acts like he doesn’t even know David is there. The last few days, David has been taking him with him on his lunch time runs. He goes 2-3 miles on the hike and bike trail every day “to get his heart rate up,” and says Buzz keeps up and stays right beside him.
Of course, Miss Bebe has been another matter. When we first brought Buzz home, she wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with him and tried to act like he wasn’t even here. But he’s irrepressible. He kept invading her space and nipping at her feet and ears and sticking his butt in her face… and she’d growl and he’d run away… but then come back with a ball that he’d toss at her. Finally, she gave up and grabbed the ball and the chase was on. They tear around the house playing and yipping and barking… and, I swear, Bebe acts like she’s a 10 month old puppy herself.
This evening after we’d had dinner and the dogs were in their crates and the house was finally quiet, I said “It sure is a lot noisier around here since Buzz showed up.”
Dub just grinned and said, “He’s a real good dog.”
David and I couldn’t agree more!

Lots of smiles here in the Northland!

Since Dub and I are in school all day, David has been taking “lost dog” calls. He’s had several – none of which were credible until yesterday morning when a lady called and said “I think you may have found my “Mr. Fluffy.” He said the longer he talked with her, the more convinced he was that our “Dog” might well be hers. She said her step-son (who lives in St. Louis) had shown up at her house one day in August and said he’d brought her a new pup. She said she told him she didn’t need a dog and was perfectly happy with having just her “kitten, ‘Buttercup’.” But he said he couldn’t keep him because he was moving in with his new girlfriend who is allergic to dogs and “knew the little guy would be a perfect companion for her.” She said she’d finally agreed to keep the dog but wasn’t thrilled about it. She said “Buttercup” is afraid of him and has been staying up in a bookshelf and won’t come down “except when I put Mr. Fluffy in his cage.” David said he told her about Dub and how much he loves dogs… and about losing “Bono”… and they agreed we’d meet to talk about the situation.
So, yesterday afternoon after school, David, Dub and I took “Dog” and went over to her house. When we got there, Dub had to practically drag Dog up the front steps and into her house. We introduced ourselves and she confirmed that “Dog” was indeed “Mr. Fluffy.” She’s a nice “older” lady and told us about how her husband had “passed” about four years ago after a painful bout with cancer. She showed us her back yard (it’s fenced with 4 ft. high chain-link). She said she’d seen Mr. Fluffy try to climb it several times and guessed he’d made it over the top last week. All the time we were talking, “Dog” stuck to Dub’s side like they were glued together.
Long story short, David asked her if she’d consider selling Mr. Fluffy and she said she’d just give him to Dub. David insisted we should buy him and offered her $100.00. She finally said that would be o.k., so David asked her if she had a pen and paper so he could write up a sales agreement. She did, and David wrote it up – she signed it – and he gave her the hundred (I never carry any cash but David always does). So we thanked her and she gave both Mr. Fluffy and Dub big hugs and we brought him home with us. I watched Dub and Mr. Fluffy in the back seat (with the rear-view mirror) and I don’t know which of them had the goofier smile on his face. We have an appointment to get him groomed tomorrow morning and I’m guessing he’ll be a really handsome little guy. After we got home, I asked David why he had insisted on buying the dog when she was willing to give him to Dub. He said it was just a precaution in case her son-in-law should show up later on and question the deal.
One more thing… We asked Dub if he planned on keeping the name “Mr. Fluffy” for his new dog. He flashed us a big grin and said, “NO. He’s “Buzz” now. We have no idea where “Buzz” came from… but Buzz it is… and now we have “Buzz and Bebe.” And we’re all smiling 🙂